Several students and a teacher from Pharms Berlin Sued School recently paid a visit to LCCA as a part of their one-week study trip to London.

Business Development Manager, Garvin Fisher, gave them a tour of the campus and introduced them to student life at LCCA. Programme leaders also spoke about their courses, and the students took part in a workshop organised by fashion programme leader, Silja Manninen.

Here’s what some of the students enjoyed most about their trip to LCCA.


Maria Clara Gruppler

Maria’s interest in arts was what made her keen to visit LCCA. “I enjoyed seeing how everything works at LCCA, that there is a big focus on practicalities and that the classes are kept small. A good first general impression!” she said.


La Toya Langrehr

“The LCCA website awakened my interest to visit the college,” said La Toya, who wants to study fashion and hopes to run her own fashion company one day. LCCA is the perfect place to make her dreams come true. “Thank you for allowing us to visit you and for making time for us. The whole college is so exciting!”


Lilli Minhoff

Lilli loves to travel which made her trip to London and LCCA very special. She was impressed with LCCA: “The people seem nice and the choices of subjects to study are very elaborate at LCCA,” she said.


Adrian Judt

Even though Adrian is looking forward to doing something history related after he finishes school, he was very eager to hear everything about LCCA during the campus tour. The introduction he was given to the Higher Education System in the UK is what he most enjoyed about the trip.


Sebastian Walpersdorf

What Sebastian initially saw as an obligatory class trip organised by the school soon turned into a delightful afternoon when he took part in the fashion workshop organised by Silja Manninen. He was able to express his artistic talents during the workshop, which he usually channels through singing or writing novels.