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3 summer jobs to take if you want to work in fashion

11 May 2017
Claire Payne

Ever feel like the fashion industry is just too difficult to break? Well, it doesn’t have to be - there are plenty of different ways you can set yourself apart from others. With the summer break around the corner, finding a summer job that is fashion related is a great way to prove your dedication.

Here are three jobs you should think about chasing this summer if you’re hoping to find success in the fashion industry over the next few years.


4 smart ways to get noticed online

26 April 2017
Ruth Bushi, Save the Student

When future employers or clients go looking for you online which they will - you’ll want to nudge them towards your best bits first: portfolio, press clippings, CV or booking info. But how exactly do you get quality hits to show up, rather than a video of the time you attempted the cinnamon challenge? No need to worry; you can boost your online presence with just a couple of smart strategies.


5 interior designers everyone should know

12 April 2017
Claire Payne

If you’re hoping to become an interior designer, you probably aren’t short of inspiring figures. For those of you who are new to the industry, or only just beginning to explore interior design as a career option, here are five interior designers you should know.


What Can I Do With a Degree in Hospitality?

29 March 2017
Claire Payne

There are a multitude of different career paths within the hospitality industry and, despite what some people may think, it can lead to countless prospects, career progression and a great salary.

If you’re still in doubt, here are four careers you can consider after studying a hospitality degree, and ways you can continue with your education.



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