While design talent is crucial, fashion management plays a vital role in the success of every garment, brand, trend, and business.


But what exactly is fashion management, and what kind of high-paying careers can it unlock?


Fashion management is a promising industry that offers you plenty of opportunities to learn transferable skills, core skills, management, communication, business and much more.


You can choose from among the following fashion management jobs after your degree/diploma:


1.    Creative director

2.    Fashion marketing manager

3.    Fashion buyer

4.    Product manager

5.    E-commerce manager, and many more!


In this blog post, we will discuss fashion management, top jobs in fashion management, fashion management job salaries, and how you can develop yourself in this field.


What is fashion management?

Fashion management also known as fashion business management, is a discipline that ensures the smooth operation of fashion-related activities, from design, production, and marketing, to legal matters, public relations, and business sustainability.

What are some high-paying jobs in the fashion industry?


Here are five top fashion management jobs you can consider after your diploma in fashion management.


1.  Fashion brand manager: In this role, you would spearhead the strategic direction of a brand, overseeing everything from product development and marketing to market analysis and budgets. 

Salary in the UK: £39,383–£57,000 (Source: Glassdoor)


2.  Product manager: Oversee the entire product lifecycle, from concept to consumer, ensuring quality, cost-effectiveness, and market fit. 

Salary in the UK: £43,000–£69,000 (Source: Glassdoor)


3.  Sourcing manager: Source materials and manage production processes, ensuring ethical practices and cost-efficiency. 

Salary in the UK: £40,000–£63,000 (Source: Glassdoor)


4.  Fashion buyer: Source and negotiate the purchase of merchandise for retailers, wholesalers, or brands. 

Salary in the UK: £30,000–£53,000 (Source: Glassdoor)


5.  Product development manager: Oversee the creation of new fashion products, collaborating with designers, sourcing materials, and managing production. 

Salary in the UK: £39,000–£61,000 (Source: Glassdoor)



If you are wondering which job has the highest income in the fashion industry, it is undoubtedly being CEO of one or multiple fashion houses. Payscale reports the average salary of a CEO in the fashion industry to be £72,793 in 2024.



What distinguishes fashion business management from fashion marketing?

Often confused with fashion marketing, fashion management deals with deeper aspects of the fashion business.


  • Fashion business management encompasses the entire business side of the fashion industry, from production and supply chain management to finance, retail, and operations.
  • Fashion marketing focuses on promoting and selling fashion products, utilising strategies like advertising, branding, and public relations.


In short, fashion marketing is about telling the story, while fashion management is about running the show.


What is a fashion manager?

As a fashion manager, you would be handling all aspects of management and work delegation, planning, strategy and leading.

Think of it this way: A fashion manager is the one who handles all the goings on of a fashion house. They deal with customers, meet clients and are the central directional force that helps keep the company afloat and in line with its core mission, aims, and values.

Have you ever seen The Devil Wears Prada? Miranda Priestly’s office and duties can help you understand this.

Here are examples of successful people in fashion management who have the highest-paying jobs in the fashion industry.

1.    Anna Wintour – Editor-in-Chief of Vogue magazine since 1988

2.    Marco Bizzarri – CEO of Gucci since 2015

3.    Miuccia Prada – Head Designer and co-CEO of Prada


How much is the average salary for individuals holding a fashion management degree?

The average salary for a fashion management graduate in the UK varies depending on experience, location, and specialisation. However, it generally ranges from £31,000 to £59,000 per year with an additional cash compensation of nearly £5,415 as per Glassdoor. With your years of experience and expertise you can convert your fashion management job into a high paying fashion management job.


What are the requirements for eligibility in fashion management?

Here are the eligibility requirements for most fashion management programmes and fashion management courses:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Strong academic record, particularly in business subjects
  • Portfolio showcasing your creativity and interest in fashion.

Consider a Diploma in Fashion Management and Marketing, to help you establish a firm foundation.


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A blog written by Rebecca Paulraj and edited by Candice McDowell