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How to be Your Own Boss: Take Charge of Your Career

09 April 2024

How do you start a business, what are the challenges you will face when starting your business, and how do you prepare yourself to be a successful entrepreneur?

Do you ever fantasise about ditching the 9–5 and starting your own business? The freedom, flexibility, and satisfaction of building something from the ground up can be very rewarding.


How Will a Business Manager Enhance Your Company’s Performance?

08 February 2023
Sushree Saloni Rath

As your organisation starts a new economic year, concerns about what teams across your company can do to enhance quality and ensure company performance is able to reach ambitious expectations are certain to arise.

Every business owner seeks to enhance the performance of their business. Management consultants discuss KPIs and productivity, corporate culture, and company strategy. 

But where do you even begin?

The productivity of a company's personnel is essential to its success. Every leader, businessman, and investor want their team to function and complete duties in accordance with their roles, goals, and obligations, as well as those of the departments they work in since this will help to promote their product.


What are the major challenges of running a creative business in 2022?

02 March 2022
Sweha Hazari

Being involved in the creative industry can be an endless source of excitement and novelty. You can be part of creating something new, meet people from all walks of life and build a lasting legacy.

However, being a creative entrepreneur isn’t easy. For starters, you need to determine if your business idea is creative enough and have a realistic and comprehensive business plan. You must also consider what your definition of a creative business is.


20 ideas for creative businesses to try in 2022

16 February 2022
Sweha Hazari

Starting and running a successful business in the creative industry is the ultimate dream for any creative professional who wants to carve their own career. Launching your own brand is an exhilarating experience and one that can allow you to create your own space within the creative industry.



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