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How Bleisure Travel is Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry

23 March 2023

What if your business trip could also be your holiday?

Bleisure travel is a perfect blend of business and leisure that allows weary travellers to stay longer, explore more and experience things in an unusual way. As the name implies, “bleisure” combines business and leisure experiences into one unforgettable trip.

What makes this trend so exciting is its ability to combine two seemingly contradicting elements – work and play – into one seamless experience. On top of this, bleisure travel also has tangible benefits for companies who embrace this trend.


Residence Inn by Marriott

08 March 2023
Elena Gisca

Marriott was founded in 1927 which began as a beer stand, has become distinguished as a top employer and for its excellent business operations, which are based on five core values: people first, excellence pursued, change embraced, integrity acted upon, and service to our world.



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