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5 High Paying Jobs You Can Get with A Fashion Management Degree

03 July 2024

While talent and artistic expression form the core of fashion, it takes nerves of steel and management expertise, to run a fashion business.


Fashion is more than just lights, cameras, and glamour! The fashion industry is very large with many different sectors operating within. Just like the human body, which has various organs working to support a person, fashion management is a vital part of the fashion industry.


You can think of fashion management as supporting hands or feet that help a business move in a desired direction.



How to be Your Own Boss: Take Charge of Your Career

02 July 2024
London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA)

How do you start a business, what are the challenges you will face when starting your business, and how do you prepare yourself to be a successful entrepreneur?

Do you ever fantasise about ditching the 9–5 and starting your own business? The freedom, flexibility, and satisfaction of building something from the ground up can be very rewarding.


Top Gen Z Fashion Terms You Should Know

21 March 2024

Whether you are conscious of it or not, your dressing style will often have a fashion aesthetic term attached. If you like to wear baggy or low-waist trousers, graphic t-shirts, body-hugging crop tops, and bright shiny belts, you’re sporting Y2K!

In the digital age where Gen Z dominates the social media space, marketers are faced with a new challenge. If they are not up-to-date on fashion trends, they may find themselves being ‘Lost in Translation’ when it comes to popular lingo.



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