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What Is environmental graphic design?

21 November 2022
Sushree Saloni Rath

Environmental graphic design has been applied extensively throughout history in places such as schools, galleries, workspaces, and more. It can be seen in everything from ancient Egyptian inscriptions decorating tomb walls to contemporary room paintings in lobbies.

It aims to change how individuals relocate through space, engage with others, and feel while they are there. It goes far beyond simply designing a room's structure or a wall's paintings. The environment and the human condition can be impacted by anything, from the colour of a wall to the sound that feet make on the ground.


Halloween Fashion Show

14 November 2022
LCCA Staff

On Monday 24 October, the London College of Contemporary Arts’ new Level 4 BA Fashion students hosted a Halloween Fashion Show.

Having been set a brief by Dawn Burton, Fashion Lecturer at LCCA, to develop sustainable Halloween-inspired outfits, students showcased their completed looks in The Garage at LCCA.

Students, Mariam Bobb and Marnei Williams, have kindly shared the details of their design processes.


Fashion Innovation Week

14 November 2022
LCCA Staff

Fashion Innovation Week took place from November 14th – 18th. It was a rollercoaster of exceptional opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the creative industries and to work alongside industry practitioners and experts.

Focusing on natural and sustainable processes alongside the future of fashion, students have been able to dye natural fabrics with foraged materials, produce zero waste garments, examine vintage garments, explore luxury branding and PR, and learn about blockchains and the metaverse. Speakers such as Christie Lau shared resources for this new digital space to make entry into this world more accessible.



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