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When you apply to study at LCCA, we know you’ll want to show us just how talented you are. So here are our top tips for impressing us with your interview and portfolio.

  • Familiarity with the course you’re applying for and an appropriately prepared portfolio. We’re looking to see if you have a keen interest and talent in your chosen subject. To find out more about your course, visit its course page.
  • Experimentation and variation in your portfolio; we want to know you can work in different ways with a variety of media.
  • Commitment to your projects. We want to see you can follow an idea through to the end.
  • Passion for your speciality.
  • Ambition - we like to see people who go beyond the brief and produce their own work.
  • Good knowledge of your chosen subject. We like to see some form of industry awareness. Have you been to any events, exhibitions or talks relevant to your subject? 

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What we are looking for?

  • Focus. Know the course you're applying for and aim the contents of your portfolio accordingly. We want to see you have a keen interest and ability for the subject. If you find out more about your specific course to tailor your portfolio, go to the course page.
  • Experimentation. Don't keep everything the same; we want to see whether you can work in a variety of media, using different methods.
  • Commitment. Show us that you can come up with a good idea and develop it into a final concept.
  • Passion. If you're excited and enthusiastic about your work, there's a better chance that we will be too.
  • Ambition. To make it in digital industry, you have to be ambitious. So go beyond the brief and produce your own work.
  • Industry awareness. We want to know you're going to exhibitions and events and who's inspiring you within your industry.

How much work should I bring?

  • Our interview tutors love looking through your work, but they won't have much time, so edit your portfolio and only bring us your best, most relevant pieces.
  • Your portfolio should be between 15 and 20 pages long and should also include at least one full sketchbook - ideally a separate sketchbook for each project.
  • Your work should cover the whole design process: from initial research, through concept development to the finished piece.
  • Only bring what you can carry yourself; you can show us large or three-dimensional pieces using photographs or via Flickr, YouTube or Vimeo.

Top tips

  • Keep all your work in the same format - all landscape or all portrait - as this makes it easier for us to view it.
  • Make sure you clearly label all your work, because we will sometimes look at it before we interview you.
  • Be prepared to discuss your ideas and what you hope to achieve by studying on the course.
  • If you are an EU or international student, we recommend that you upload your portfolio to a website such as  Flickr, YouTube or Vimeo and provide us with a link to your work, rather than supplying original work which cannot be returned.


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