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What can I do with a graphic design degree?

07 February 2017
Claire Payne

Believe it or not, studying a degree in graphic design won’t limit your career path to pure graphic design, but rather open up a variety of paths for you to explore.

If you’re wondering how a graphic design degree can help you achieve professional success in an area you enjoy, read on to find out more about the careers and further education you could pursue.


5 of the biggest events in the fashion calendar

27 January 2017
Claire Payne

Every year, there are hundreds of events held around the world celebrating fashion and its figures. From Fashion Weeks to award ceremonies, annual fashion events see fashion fanatics, celebrities and designers gather in their thousands to watch the latest catwalk shows or honour the latest and greatest talent in the sector. Here are just five of the biggest events in the fashion calendar.


What does an interior designer do?

10 January 2017
Claire Payne

Considered a dream job by many creatives, a role in interior design may seem unattainable to most, but it’s a whole lot easier if you know what you need to get your foot through the door. Read on to find out more about what an interior designer does, and the skills and qualifications you need to become one.



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