LCCA students recently had the opportunity to visit the YKK showroom, thanks to fashion programme leader, Claire Netter. As the world’s largest zip manufacturer, it’s reported that YKK makes around 1.2 million miles of zip every year.

During their fieldtrip, students learned about the different processes behind making and ordering zips. YKK also presented each student with a gift bag and spoke of the opportunity for sponsorship in one of their future projects.

Here’s what the students had to say about their visit to YKK.


Alexandra Alabern

“I definitely learned a lot about the variety and different utilities of a zipper and the company,” Alexandra said. “This will be incredibly useful throughout my development as a fashion designer.” She was thrilled to hear about the company and their production and got to see the YKK facilities, new collections and stock.

“Not only did they show all varieties of zips to us, but they also engaged us in activities to see the outcome of what we learned. It was very enjoyable.”


Brittany Wolffe

Brittany enjoyed getting to know the wide range of zips, and their functions, designs and materials. At the YKK showroom she got to see the extent of what it takes to produce a zip.

“I realised what is considered a small thing to a garment such as a zipper is actually just as important as the garment itself. There are so many things to consider when choosing a zipper for your garment.”

“It was a good experience. Now, when purchasing items with zippers, I will take more notice to see whether or not the zips are a YKK product.”


Mariana Dos Santos Custodio Ramos Goncalves

Mariana was delighted about the fieldtrip to the YKK showroom, and talked of how it was very helpful to understand the market and its requirements. When asked what she enjoyed the most about the trip, she said: “meeting people from the industry.”

"The new designs, garments and zippers very interesting,” Mariana said. She also enjoyed the activities that YKK organised.

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