On 17 May, LCCA hosted a guest speaker event with consumer trends forecaster, Marcella Bellocchio, who predicts a wide range of trends relating to fashion, food and more.

Marcella’s passion for research is what inspired her to embark on a career as a design and fashion trend forecaster and product developer.

“I was fascinated by the discovery of textile, colour and special things, and I made collections of everything, even as a young child,” Marcella explained.

When it was time for college, Marcella initially put her interest in fashion aside when she received a scholarship to study philosophy at Venice University. She recalled her first day at Venice University, and offered LCCA students some words of advice.

“The crowd and strangers made me nervous but as I started getting familiar with the college, the professors and the students, I realised that the university gave me the best moments of my life. My advice to all LCCA students is to cherish what you have as long as you have it. Participate in all the activities taking place in the college - activities help boost creative, cultural and communicative skills. It is because of these skills that I stand as a good trend forecaster and product developer today.”

Marcella’s interest in her current profession sparked when she moved to Paris for a PhD research position, working hard to figure out the relationship between art and fashion.

“Trends are incredibly important to understanding why things catch on. The method that I learned has been useful to all of my work. I am thankful every single day that I get to do what I love. I don't need to be rich. I don't need to be famous. Both would be great, but I just want to comfortably be able to pursue my passions.”

Marcella broke into the fashion world through an internship, highlighting the importance of securing one.

“I did an internship 18 years ago and it was the most amazing experience—one that made me certain I wanted to understand trends and people’s tastes,” she said. “Personally I think that finding the perfect internship is the first step to break into the industry. An internship allows you to apply your classroom knowledge and to discover your preference and skills.”

Currently, Marcella identifies one of her most recent projects as one of her proudest achievements:  being creative director for the Ecochic Fashion Game Project. Marcella explained a bit about the project concept.

“A system was developed whereby each fabric is given a unique QR barcode code that is attached to individual items of apparel so that customers can trace their purchase back to the artisans involved in making that piece.”

“Customers are encouraged, for instance, to post photos of themselves wearing their selected garment on the Ecochic Fashion Game Project site so that textile weavers can enjoy a direct connection with the end user of their production.”

Asked what skills she would look for in a candidate if she was hiring an assistant, Marcella told students: “An assistant needs to be culturally inquisitive and always observing the world around them. They need to have a natural fascination for what’s new, over a broad spectrum of disciplines, and be able to communicate those findings.”

Marcella thanked LCCA for the opportunity to deliver a guest lecture, calling the experience stimulating.

“Some students offered me very useful suggestions and questions. To achieve the best that’s in us, as individuals and as an organisation, we must be continually improving. Teaching is a constant dialogue, students have a fresh creativity that is different from the professor’s perspective, though the goal is always the same: learn, grow, and share.”