A select number of LCCA photography students transformed scenes from an everyday building site into art through the lens of their cameras. Together, they proudly presented their interpretations on the theme of construction, celebrating the fourth year of partnership between LCCA and construction consultants, BPP.

Here’s what some of the photographers had to say about their experience and the work they created.


Helena Tomczak-Nunuhe 

Helena approached the commission with an open mind.

“There were many ways to photograph the building site, but my aim was to achieve something special. My interior shots I describe as very feminine and intimate with lots of contrast created by window light. They are also very geometrical with the strong focus on forms.”


Katarzyna Szykowna       www.kasiaszykowna.com

When Katarzyna was first commissioned by BPP to take photographs at one of their construction sites, she knew exactly what she wanted to focus on.

“I decided to photograph the spaces in an abstract way and that's why I focused on shapes, corners and edges. Overall, I was really pleased with the final result and I will definitely continue using this photographic style in the future.”


Jerry Danso        @eelooking  

While Jerry’s ‘Golden Wheel’ was inspired by a black and white photograph, he decided to combine colour with black and white, feeling it was more creative. “It was challenging getting the lighting and colours to blend in with the black and white tones.”

“The shoot was an excellent opportunity for us, firstly as photographers, and secondly as students. LCCA giving us this great experience to work together with a major firm is amazing.”


Tony Faulkner   www.sconephotos.simplesite

Speaking of a shot of a lamppost he captured, Tony said: “The inspiration for this sort of shot is seeing the detail in something most people seem to pass by. Nobody really pays attention to the workings of a lamppost but within the context of the project I felt this should be added.”

“[It was fun] to get out there and feel as if we were on a real shoot, the first step on our new career ladders.”


Marina Lobuneca

Marina loves colours, especially those created at dusk. “At sunset, when the colours are warm and soft, I imagine something mysterious is about to happen. Since my childhood, I have always been a very imaginative and dreamy person. From what I observed, I thought up magical stories. When I came to the BPP building site, I plunged into a magical world once again as I saw colours all around.”

“It was really interesting to see other students' ways of dealing with the subject matter. Despite the fact that we were shooting in the same place, the photographs turned out very different in terms of style. It really was an excellent challenge for us.”