Last month, LCCA students studying BA Graphic Design had the opportunity to visit the Venturing Beyond: Graffiti and the Everyday Utopias of the Street exhibition at Somerset House.

The exhibition argues against the view that graffiti is a glorified from of vandalism. Programme leader, Dragan Pavlovic, organised for students to attend. Here’s what some of the students had to say about the exhibition.


Josefin Barsom

“[The exhibition] challenged my eye and way of thinking. My favourite piece was the large art piece displayed on the floor echoing the scenery of a landscape. Some art was interactive, such as the orange vests with different texts you could wear throughout the exhibition.”

“The Venturing Beyond exhibition related to our current brief, giving us inspiration on colour scheme, conceptual thinking and social commentary.”


Kelly Broda

Kelly was fascinated by the pieces of art in bright colours; some were abstract, while others were more straightforward. Kelly also expressed her pleasure that trips like these are part of a graphic design course. 

“The experience was nice. I enjoyed the fluorescent clothes with the effects when we took pictures with the flash.”


Dominique Chatzoglakis

Dominique particularly liked the neon vests and the fact that you could keep them on during throughout the whole exhibition.

“My favourite bit was the colours that were used creating certain artwork and the way the neon vests offered a more interactive experience.”

“We are doing a project about colour and texture and the walk from LCCA to Somerset House was very giving. The exhibition wasn't the only focus for us, it was also the road to get there.”