Do your friends consider you the fashionista of the group? Have you always had an eye for unusual style choices and outfits? Do you have an unmistakable flair for design?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you can expect a bright career in the fashion industry. Often termed as the ‘most glamorous’ of all sectors, the global fashion industry is dynamic and allows you to network with the who’s who of the glamour world.

If the above description of a career in fashion sounds fascinating, you would be pleasantly surprised with the pay prospects. revealed that the salaries for beginner roles in Britain’s fashion industry range from £29,000 to £35,000.

There is a wide range of career roles in the industry to choose from, whatever n your interests and aspirations may be. For example, if you are good at people interaction, a career in fashion public relations could be an appropriate fit. If you are more interested in a creative role, you can explore a career in fashion designing.

Read ahead to take a deep dive into some of the most intriguing jobs in the fashion industry in the UK and across the globe.


Art directors

If you have ever obsessed over the stylish presentation of clothes and specific clothing lines, you can thank the art directors involved with them. Art directors in the fashion world are usually in charge of the visual styling of fashion clothes. Therefore, they need to understand what kind of outfits and presentations would look good in pictures.

In smaller fashion houses or boutiques, art directors are also referred to as window stylists. They are in charge of dressing up the mannequins.  A few other similar roles include display designers and creative directors.

The money in the role isn’t anything to scoff at either. suggests that the average annual salary for art directors in London is around £47,213.


Purchasing consultant

Purchasing agents or consultants act as the middlemen between fashion outlets and clothing manufacturers. They are mostly hired by retail outlets to select items that fit their brand voice and would be liked by their customers.

Most purchasing agents have additional degrees in business management or marketing on top of their fashion expertise. Their job description typically involves traveling to different fashion shows and fabric/clothes manufacturing sites. These agents are also called fashion buyers in some places. data suggests that beginning salaries for retail purchasing agents in the UK can range from £18,000 to £25,000 per annum.


Fashion designer

If you want to utilize your creativity and artistic talents, you can explore the fashion world as a designer. Fashion designing is perhaps one of the most popular fashion career choices and can open up many roles in different domains such as design firms, fashion publishing, or fabric manufacturing.

Want to join the ranks of famous designers like Ralph Lauren and Coco Chanel? The BA (Hons) Fashion course from the London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) can provide a great beginning to your fashion journey.

The fashion design degree introduces you to many essential fashion skills such as pattern cutting, textile construction, and fabric manipulation. In addition, you also learn about other aspects of fashion designing such as styling, portfolio presentation, and computer-aided designing.


This program has been accredited by the illustrious University for the Creative Arts. It can allow you to pursue a fast-paced career in the dynamic fashion industry.

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Fashion designers create new designs for fashion outfits or fabrics. So along with an aptitude for drawing well, you also need an eye for color differentiation and working knowledge of fashion-editing software.

Core fashion designing skills can prepare you for diverse roles such as a stylist, fashion director, bedding designer, or jewelry designer.

According to data, the average annual salary for junior fashion designers in the UK is around £26,572.


Other roles in this industry include creative directors of fashion houses, fashion magazine editors, fashion photographers, textile designers, and style curators.

Carving a fashion career pathway can become incredibly easy if you pursue relevant courses in fashion. An industry-oriented fashion program can introduce you to the latest fashion trends and give you career-worthy skills.

Invest in a suitable fashion degree course today to start your fashion industry career from scratch.