Brand value goes a long way toward a company’s success in the fashion world. Without their brand value, fashion brands like Nike, Chanel and Gucci wouldn’t have acquired their iconic statuses as world-leading fashion pioneers across the world.

New and old brands are continuously stepping up their fashion branding games to catch the public’s eye and impress them. However, the sheer volume of brands in the market has made fashion branding intensely competitive.

Today, cosmetic changes to branding strategies and marketing campaigns won’t be enough to help you take your fashion brand to the top. Instead, you will have to adopt a specialised and unique approach to making your fashion brand successful in 2022.

How can you ensure your fashion brand will be successful?

If you truly believe your fashion brand will be successful, you need to have a clear idea of what this success will look like. Different fashion brands often have different yardsticks for success depending on their company size and market position.

However, here are a few common measurements of a fashion brand’s success:

  1. The brand carries immense prestige and is highly valued
  2. The products are available in all parts of the globe
  3. The fashion brand is known for good quality products
  4. There is an immense demand for the brand’s products
  5. The brand assimilates most of the top fashion trends in 2022

What kind of challenges can you encounter in fashion branding?

As much as you would like your fashion brand to be a runway hit right after its launch, that scenario is probably not very realistic. Many fashion brands struggle to get noticed because of the immense competition in the industry and unpredictable fashion trends meaning it is hard to stay on top of consumers’ wants and needs.

Here are a few common challenges that branding professionals face while creating brand value for their products.

  1. Lack of industry knowledge and understanding of fashion ideas and market trends, which tend to change every few months
  2. Inability to provide a clear value proposition to differentiate the brand from competitors
  3. Failing to provide consistency in the quality of products that the audience expects from the brand
  4. A mismatch between audience expectations and prices of the brand’s products
  5. Attempts to expand the brand too soon with limited resources
  6. Inadequate utilisation of social media for brand promotions and marketing campaigns
  7. Inadequate leadership and managerial expertise of the staff in charge of branding activities

What can you do to shorten the journey of growing your fashion brand presence?

You might want to start growing your fashion model with the fact that there is no clear-cut way to success. Almost all successful clothing brands have reached their positions through trial and error in their branding steps.

However, the following tips can help you structure your fashion business model and bring innovation to your clothing brand ideas.

  1. Identify a current need in the market and shape your brand around fulfilling that need.
  2. Develop a comprehensive and robust business plan that takes into account the tiniest details like product pricing and brand values.
  3. Identify your target audience as accurately as possible and consider the benefits and disadvantages of pandering to certain demographics.
  4. Even if you are from a business background, develop a fair idea of how the fashion industry operates and what kind of fashion trends work well in the market.
  5. Find reliable vendors like fabric and clothing manufacturers with extensive logistics networks who can perform well even under pressure.
  6. Take sufficient time and industry perspective to finalise a name, logo and market profile for your fashion brand.
  7. Choose a good pricing point for your target audience so that your brand is perceived to be premier without being considered too expensive to afford.
  8. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different branding and marketing strategies and use digital marketing tactics like affiliate partnerships to the brand’s advantage.
  9. Set realistic goals for your brand’s sales and distribution and periodically review and edit them as per your brand’s performance.

How can a fashion business management programme help you with fashion branding?

It takes enormous amounts of marketing and fashion management skills to make a fashion brand successful. You need to have an all-round knowledge of different verticals, including fashion trends, branding tactics, pricing techniques and business management.

While taking up a job or internship at a fashion brand can provide some practical knowledge, an easier way is to enrol in a suitable fashion business management course.

This can help you shape your interest in fashion and personal fashion knowledge into a successful business management career in the fashion industry.

The London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) can offer a starting point in the form of its MA Fashion Business and Management programme. This course helps you gain the relevant branding, marketing and management skills that you need to grow your brand from scratch.

The programme also gives you access to a range of specialist facilities like Mac studios, top fashion marketing applications and specially designed art studios.

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