An Exploration of Personal Objects and Identity


Exploration of personal objects and identity following a screening of the documentary 'The New Black: A Documentary About Style and Identity' (2019).


Yana Petkova Gocheva, BA Fashion

The above photo shows my family, my partner and two children.

I chose this as my object as it was taken a month before my son had to go for a bone marrow transplant. To me, it represents strength and bravery, because for four years we were fighting for the life of my son. Now he is eight years old and has successfully had the bone marrow transplant for four years. Without a doubt, this was the hardest period in my life.

I keep the photo on a keyring and take it everywhere I go. It is a bit of tough story but this is what represents me the best because before everything as a person, student, worker, artist and so on, I am a mum of the strongest child I have ever seen. I have no regrets about this happening to me. I feel blessed.


Illustration in the style of David Shrigley



In this workshop with BA Fashion lecturer, Leyman Lahcine, students considered quotes from philosophers, writers and creatives, and translated these into an image through illustration using the style of David Shrigley.

Over 30 original pieces of artwork were created and showcased in the Garage at LCCA on Friday 18th November.


Subtraction Pattern Cutting



Throughout the week, BA Fashion Lecturer, Dawn Burton led classes on Subtraction Cutting. This is an experimental construction method developed by designer Julian Roberts. With sustainability at the core of our programme, Dawn opted for a zero waste approach with students repurposing old garments, using offcuts and sourcing pieces from our scraps to create one of a kind pieces.

This style of creation challenged students to work creatively with irregularly sized cuts of fabrics and to cut quickly and with little reference to the usual mathematical equations they usually use. Subtraction cutting favours negative spaces and openings in the fabric, and this results in boundary breaking garment shapes with complex drapes.

Students were challenged to upcycle fabrics to create their pieces which they then showcased on Friday 18th November.



BA Fashion Course Director, Sadie Clayton, said: "It has been inspiring to see students so passionately engage in these sessions. Our Level 4 students, who are just starting their creative journeys, have been particularly vocal and excelled in these workshops. 

Moving forward, students can now implement what they've learned into the practice and look forward to the next Fashion Innovation Week in 2023.


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