Experiential Retail is the Future of Fashion

If you love shopping, then you’ll love experiential retail. Across the world, E-commerce has made buying clothes an easy experience, but it doesn’t allow you to try clothes on before you purchase them – this is about to change.

According to the business media site, Engage Customer, four out of five UK customers prefer shopping in physical stores because of the experience, especially millennials.

Experiential retail, also known as ‘retailtainment’ – is an important aspect of fashion business and while it continues to influence the sector, it’s imperative for fashion management course candidates to learn about this growing trend.

Retailtainment is a refreshing change

Marvel fans are in love with the immersive world created by the movie franchise and the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. brings this to life for them as they can step into a virtual world and see movie props in a ‘realistic’ environment. The interactive display of merchandise transports them to the Avenger world and engages them. So, while visitors do also buy props and T-shirts, it’s the experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Retailtainment is a welcome change that elevates simple shopping into an immersive experience for consumers. It allows the brand to develop a relationship with its customers and connects with them in a fun way. Let’s face it, between picking shoes from a rack to shopping at Nike Town London while hearing ace golfer, Rory McIlroy discuss his journey in-person, which would you pick?

Engage and sell

Stores are going the extra mile to offer an enriching experience to their customers which can range from a virtual makeover station to experimental make-up booths.

Huda Beauty’s product launch at Covent Garden, London, was a good example of how you can involve customers in an event and give them a first-hand experience of the brand and product line.

In this case, Huda created a gigantic metallic pop-up with galactic elements including mirrors and shimmering geometrical shapes. The sci-fi theme complemented her new mercury retrograde palette which was inspired by space colours. Customers also had the chance to walk-in and try out the products in this virtual fashion world and a few lucky people also got free goodies.

Studying Fashion at LCCA

Students looking to start a fashion career must understand that innovation is key in this sector and it’s important to research before choosing a Fashion Business and Management course and learn from new developments that are transforming this field.

As retailers are no longer satisfied with physical stores being a place for simple, old- school transaction-based shopping, e-commerce giants like Amazon are investing in physical ‘bricks and mortar’ stores.

The entire concept of shopping is changing and you must prepare yourself for emerging jobs. The London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) is an institution that understands the need to adapt, and therefore, has created programmes such as the BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Management and BA (Hons) Business Management.

While the former helps bring together creativity and a strategic approach towards fashion, the latter offers innovative thinking and helps you with achieving business goals. Fashion Management will help you thrive in this fast-paced industry and Business Management will prepare you for jobs that include operations or HR management, finance and more.

By introducing you to industry professionals, the faculty will prepare you for a real-world experience where you get first-hand insight and guidance. There is an exhaustive range of job opportunities available after studying Fashion Management courses, such as becoming a visual merchandiser where you can earn anywhere between *£21,703–30,000 annually.

Fashion is a popular sector and always has something new to offer. As customers seek an additive element to their shopping experience, businesses are getting innovative minds on-board to help them with this. You can become a part of this exciting future by enrolling in an enriching Fashion Management programme like MA Fashion Business and Management or BA (Hons) Business Management offered by LCCA. You can also check out what former students have to say about their experience at the college. Click on the link for more information!

This article was written by Nandita Kaushal.

*Salary range as mentioned on Glassdoor.