Art has always been relevant in society as it can influence our lives and emotions for the better. However, just a few decades back, the art world did not have many viable career options.

With the rise of social media, it has become easier for aspiring and professional artists to showcase their talent to the world without depending on professional contacts or expensive digital illustration courses.

To become a successful illustrator or artist today, all you need are your art supplies, a well-lit nook in your house and social media accounts with dedicated followers. A course, such as BA (Hons) Illustration, is an added advantage.

Today, of all the social media platforms, Instagram is the favoured medium of communication for visual media artists. It is a graphics-based social media outlet which serves the dual purpose of being a platform to display creativity, while also being a source of inspiration by presenting the work of the next generation of artists.

If you are creatively inclined and want to dabble in graphic illustrations, you can get inspiration from the following, top 8 illustration accounts on Instagram.

The Poop Culture

Calling itself the Andy Warhol of Instagram, @thepoopculture features various illustrations based on pop culture. From Disney princesses as millennial's to graphic illustrations of real-life celebrities, you will definitely like the channel if you are into bright and quirky artwork. The account boasts of many big brands such as Dior and MTV as its clients.  


@itsminimal.ish is the social media account for digital illustrations by @ari_thepoet. The beautiful illustrations of women of different sizes and colours are used by the artist to reinforce body positivity and racial integration. Apart from inspiration in large doses, you can also buy beautifully illustrated items of home décor like comforters and pillow covers from the account.


This account by freelance illustrator, Laura Frances Heitzman, focuses on boosting positivity and happiness in the world every day. The account showcases fun graphics of everyday situations in the life of modern, young women. Sometimes, she also takes inspiration from pop culture and classics to create modern-day scenarios.


If you are a fan of abstract art and bright colours, this account will be your happy place. Filled with quirky illustrations of different things, ideas and humans, you will get great inspiration for your own designs. The illustrations are perfect for hanging up as art pieces in a bohemian décor set-up and the artist also has a secondary channel named, @stefanmfoster2, where he displays his graphics work with real life objects.


The Illustrator, Emma, seems to draw inspiration from her life to create hilarious and colourful illustrations. From pictures with funny quotes, to pop culture characters in funny situations, her illustrations will bring a smile to your face. Her characters also have a cartoonish tinge with a wry sense of humour.

Big Mouth Creative Studio

Run by brand designer and illustrator Lauren Hamilton, @bigmouth.creative is all about creating illustrations and designs that speak out about social issues. From speaking against racial segregation to women’s rights, the illustrations are thoughtful, poignant and make you think deeply about the world around you.


This funky illustration account run by the multidisciplinary, Jeena from Montreal, features illustrations of bold, young pop culture idols and movie characters as surreal interpretations of the media and art surrounding us. Jeena believes that every piece of modern art has something to teach us. Her illustrations combine digital and physical realms with the goal of pushing the boundaries of perception for her audience.

I’m jokin

This creative account run by a Madrid based illustrator showcases historic personalities like Alan Turing and Josephine Baker, everyday edible and inedible objects like pizza, and powder room sinks popping out of bright backgrounds. This account is a treasure house of inspiration for those who are into whimsical and funky artwork.

Although your creativity and earnestness to learn new things can get things going for your career in graphic design, some professional expertise in this field and illustration can speed things up. Pursuing BA illustration courses or graphic design programmes can also expose you to different tools and techniques used in the industry.

If you are in search of the right illustration courses in London, you can check out the BA (Hons) Graphic Design or BA (Hons) Illustration programmes offered by the London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA). Their customised curriculum is taught by seasoned professionals who will encourage you to follow new ideas and career paths. Click here to learn more about this illustration degree in London.

This article was written by Sweha Hazari and edited by Anisa C.