From finding your next read in a bookshop to selecting furniture for your home, colour and design have an impact on the products we buy. We are pulled to the visual appeal a product has and so every business invests in creating the right logo, label and packaging. 

A good graphic design visually communicates a strong message and plays a pivotal role in making a brand more recognisable. From the twin-tailed mermaid of Starbucks to the bitten apple of popular brand Apple, we easily recognise and connect with companies through design. 

To create the right design, a graphic designer has to incorporate many important components. From getting across the right tone and message to using the right font and colour palette, a lot goes into creating a visually impressive design. 

Those with an artistic flair looking to make a career in this exciting industry need to first invest in good graphic design courses. Along with a B.A. graphic design, you have to be on the lookout for newer mediums and trends to improve your knowledge and expertise in this field. To help you out, we’ve created a list of five top graphic trends that will dominate 2021.

Top graphic trends

Every graphic designer knows the impact that even the slightest modulation in colour or font brings to an overall design. The entire persona of the brand depends on its logo for which the designer has to put in the utmost care. 

For example, the jeans manufacturer Levi’s once had a heavily loaded logo that showcased two horses pulling jeans. It has since created a cleaner and more simplistic version of the logo which is just the name capitalised. This single word design has also undergone many font changes ranging from a sans-serif to a more retro serif. 

Here are some popular graphic design trends that can change the overall aesthetic of your work and add more appeal to it. 

  1. Light muted colours

Every artist relies on cultural development to draw inspiration. The grim atmosphere created by the pandemic has created a strong need for comfort. Hence, there has been a surge in calm and muted colours that have a soothing impact on people. 

An increasing number of wellness brands are drifting towards light muted colours that create a sense of safety. LinkedIn also uses a light palette for a professional look which also makes it easier to read content and displayed text.  

  1. Data that’s easily visible

In the present times, we are bombarded with data and information on various pressing issues. Hence, people are pulled to designs that effectively communicate even the most complex things in a precise and readable manner. 

Through simplicity, you can pass on important messages that would be hard to make out on a design loaded with information. So for 2021, keep it precise but impactful. 

  1. Geometric shapes

Another trend that will be prevalent this year is the use of geometric shapes and design on creatives. These hard-edged geometric shapes not only go well with muted colours but draw attention towards the design as well. 

Certain asymmetrical designs also create ample amounts of white space. This is easier on the eyes and gives a more visual appeal to each design.  

  1. Classic fonts

Nostalgic fonts like the classic serif invoke a sense of nostalgia and help people to connect with the overall design. They are plain, simple and crisp, unlike the overly complex fonts that can be too edgy. 

2021 will see the return of this 15th century font, one which has a trustworthy and reassuring vibe to it. After all, designs help us feel comforted and cocooned in our environment. A classic touch to things also helps. 

  1. Social media slide decks

Pictorial representations catch our eye more than written words and hence slide decks are being used in design to make them all the more appealing. In a world where GIFs look more attractive than emojis, slide decks make a lot of sense. 

Instagram and LinkedIn are filled with slide decks that communicate a strong message through a single visual. Even the social media algorithms support such decks making them a viable and useful communication tool.

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