There are certain qualities that are required of true business leaders such as empathy, perceptiveness and motivation. Honing these skills takes time and effort but business and management courses can be really helpful in building these abilities and directing you on the right path to success. The programmes help you to gain a real understanding of what is needed to run a successful business within today’s corporate world.

A BA in Business Management provides useful insights into key areas such as communication, finance and marketing, as well as perfecting your leadership skills. You will also gain clarity on how each executive approaches their work and how you can influence them to perform better at their job. 

Interpersonal relationships have always been the foundation for great leadership as a true mentor needs to understand the goals of their employees. By helping people align their purpose with the objectives of the organisation, you can enhance the growth of both entities- the company and its workers. 

Business management degree plays a crucial role in helping you gain important leadership skills that are relevant to every industry. These fundamentals are considered the building blocks of being an excellent professional who can navigate challenges and help others perform to their optimum capability. 

  1. Self-awareness: As a leader, you must be aware of your strengths and weakness as it will help you develop your existing talents whilst building the skills you lack. While necessary, it is hard to foster self-awareness is hard to foster and this is where business and management degrees can be of assistance. It gives you the right exposure and groundwork to assess yourself through practical training of work-related issues and challenges. 

  2. Communication: Effective leaders need to be able to a clear message across through the required channels. Being able to speak and listen with clarity is among the important skills every professional must possess. Business and management courses give you the ideal environment for you to interact with like-minded professionals and learn to use the power of words. This also includes training in key areas such as encouraging discussion, learning new perspectives, conveying visions and more. 

  3. Influence: Being able to influence people is a major part of the leadership role. Every leader should have the power to effectively encourage people to perform their duties and aligning them with the company’s end goals.  The training that you receive during the business management top-up degree allows you to get a deeper understanding of how people at various levels function. With this key knowledge, you can influence their actions and help them contribute to the success of the company.

  4. Empathy: According to the Harvard Business Review, the most unique achievement of a leader is really getting to know their fellow workers. Through empathy, one can connect with others at a deeper level and truly understand them. People respond better to leaders who genuinely appreciate them and can nurture them to achieve their goals. A leader must have a sincere desire to reach out and help people in their professional journey.

As you climb the ladder of success, you will continuously grow and adapt, bringing out your inner leader with each phase of the journey. A business management course in London can help you develop key leadership skills as well as a core understanding of business.

If you are keen to pursue a BA business management degree, London College of Contemporary Arts offers a range of specialist courses to kick-start your professional journey. 

This article is written by Nandita Kaushal and edited by Amelia Hayward-Cole.