Why study fashion in London?

Got a passion for fashion? London is the place for you! The city is home to glamourous fashion weeks, renowned runways, designer stores and even streetwear that carries a unique identity. 

London has a way of bringing out your inner creativity and hence has been the favourite to artists over the years. Some of the top names in the fashion industry such as Alexander McQueen made their names in the capital. Currently headed by Sarah Burton, the brand has shaped some of the finest attire to be worn by celebrities and even British royalty. 

Similarly, London-born Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood are among the most popular fashion designers with their own distinctive styles. The city houses boutiques of popular brands like Dior, Zadig & Voltaire, Dolce & Gabbana and many more.  

As a student, you couldn’t dream of a better place to pursue a fashion degree. Surrounded by famous brands, you will always feel inspired to grow and make a real name for yourself in the industry. Here is why London will always aspire your inner artist. 

Fashion capital 

London is counted among the global ‘Big Four’ fashion capitals and hosts some of the biggest fashion events in the world. The city has always given rise to new trends and fashion cultures that have made a real impact on the international fashion scene. Streets here are lined with boutique stores that offer unparalleled access to some of the most unique and high-end collections.

London Fashion Week (which will be hosted digitally this year on their official website) is eagerly awaited by the masses each year. The event pushes the boundaries in terms of glitz and glamour and we can only wonder what surprises await us this year! Imagine taking your fashion design degree in London with this widely celebrated event on your doorstep!

Punk fashion 

If you thought high street designer wear is all that London has to offer, then you are mistaken. The city is also renowned for its chic, punk and even vintage fashion which is embraced by the younger crowds. While Bond Street and the Kings Road are lined with Chanel, Tiffany and Jimmy Choo, there is also the Camden Market which is filled with punk and bohemian fashion. This is why fashion designing courses in UK are such a popular choice for many as they cover the vast range of trends that the city showcases. 

Alternative clothing is big in this city. A wander down Brick Lane will amaze you with glimpses of this iconic fashion style of London. Streetwear will always be a big part of London’s fashion scene and has influenced designers and artists in fashion, movies and music throughout the years.

Cultural diversity 

Fashion is vastly influenced by its surrounding environment and London is a true melting pot of cultures. People from around the world come here to work or pursue their studies, inadvertently contributing to the city’s fashion scene. As a major player in this dynamic industry, London has always contributed largely to fashion be it casual streetwear, punk attire or chic designer clothes. Fashion design in London is comprised of lots of interesting elements, giving designers an edge over their contemporaries. 

Study in London 

Given London’s vibrant fashion ambience, it would be an amazing experience to study a fashion design degree in this city. London College of Contemporary Arts is a renowned educational institution that offers fashion programmes designed to hone your skills and release your inner creativity. 

Fashion is an industry within which everyone has their own signature styles which need to be nurtured. As such, LCCA’s faculty encourage students to find their own fashion identify and leave their mark in the fashion world. The industry expertise gained during the programme will give you the necessary edge to pursue brilliant job positions such as:

  • Fashion Designer - The most prolific job role in the fashion industry is undoubtedly that of a designer. You get to design clothes based on latest trends using fabrics, patterns and other necessary tools and are a driving force behind bringing out a new fashion line for the brand. Victoria Beckham and Paul Smith are two famous fashion designer among many others with their store in London. 
  • Fashion Editor - Expert knowledge is required in designing, developing and managing fashion specific content. Editors must have a relevant understanding of fashion trends and the ability to steer their team in the right direction. Notable names in this domain include Anna Wintour, who is a fashion editor for Vogue and enjoys a tremendous amount of power in the fashion world. 
  • Fashion Assistant - Assembling a noteworthy clothing line requires a lot of team effort and fashion assistants are an essential part of that team. Within this role, you are responsible for preparing settings for launches and shows along with assisting fashion editors and designers in their work. 

If you dream of making it big in the fashion industry, then London can certainly give you the necessary inspiration and platform to start off. You should begin by enrolling in an industry-focused programme such as the B.A. (Hons) Fashion offered by London College of Contemporary Arts which offers an in-depth understanding of each topic and encourages research-based practical learning.

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