As we all know, the UK is known for its creative heritage and stands as the birthplace of many fashion trends, including punk style, the bowler hat and the Scottish kilt to name a few.

Birthing unique trends require original thinking and knowledge of trends that have come before. Having an awareness of the history of fashion and what works in the commercial world will help you sustain your career in the fashion world.

Trends are constantly shifting and if you want to work for an iconic fashion brand in the UK, it is important you are adaptable to these changes.

What are the highest-paid jobs in the fashion industry in the UK?

The fashion industry in the UK has historically been a significant employer. The growth of the industry through the decades has allowed for the constant birth of new trends, styles and job opportunities.

The UK fashion industry is also a significant contributor to fashion creation, production, retailing, and even fashion schools. The purchasing, design, publishing and marketing professions are some of this industry’s most well-paid fashion jobs.

The highest-paid fashion jobs in the fashion industry include:

  1.   Stylists: As a stylist, you would be selling clothing by presenting and helping clients appear their best. You can also be asked to plan and organise wardrobes for artists or celebrities. According to, a stylist can make up to £23,489 on average per year.
  2. Fashion designer: As a designer, you must produce unique and trendy clothing and accessories. You get to create exclusive pieces for exhibits, catalogues, boutiques, and luxury stores as well as mass-produced items. In the United Kingdom, a fashion designer typically earns £29,921 a year.
  3. Merchandising managers:  As the manager, you will get to make decisions about stock, price, a store's physical appearance, and inventory management. A merchandise manager in the UK can have an average salary of up to £25,979 per year.
  4. Buyers: A buyer looks at the latest fashion trends and collaborates with retailers to decide which goods will be displayed in their stores. A buyer can make, on average, £31,570 a year.
  5.     Public relations managers: As a PR manager, you get to oversee the publicity and marketing of the business to keep its reputation and credibility. In the UK, a public relations manager makes an average estimated pay of up to £31,319 per year.

Although there are many highly paid fashion jobs in the industry, the competition is fierce. Therefore, you can better understand what profession fits your abilities, interests, and experience by investigating careers in the fashion industry.

How to get a high-paying job with a top fashion brand in the UK?

Working in the fashion industry can be extremely fulfilling, whether you want to work in sustainable fashion or be a social media manager for a well-known fashion brand.

To get a well-paid job at a top brand, you can start by attending a fashion school and develop a portfolio for yourself.

Here are some suggestions you can follow to get your dream job at one of the top UK fashion brands:

  1.   Express your passion for fashion by staying on top of the latest fashion trends: Working in a fashion industry means always staying ahead of the fashion trends. Staying updated about the newest trend shows your passion and dedication to working in fashion.
  2.   Leverage your strengths and qualifications: You can understand what role applies to you by listing your strengths and qualifications. Always remember to play on your strengths!
  3.   Choose your career wisely: You should choose the sector in the fashion industry that would be best for you according to your educational and training path.
  4.     Apply for internships in your dream company: It is always beneficial to invest time and effort in your field of interest. Apply for internships in the company of your dreams to understand the industry better. Even though these internships can be unpaid or meagre, they can help you gain hands-on experience.

What are the advantages of working for top fashion brands in the UK?

A fashion career is thrilling, competitive, and quick-paced. The available job routes can be hugely different and often cross over into other industries.

While some fashion experts concentrate on the design, manufacture, and styling of garments, others specialise in retail for the industry's financial gain.

The advantages of working for top fashion brands include the following:

  1. Your surrounding environment is creative. Since the fashion sector is focused on clothes design and style, it is vibrant and exciting to work in.
  2. The field is ideal for determined individuals who enjoy fashion challenges, have a positive mindset, and are not afraid to put in a lot of effort to meet deadlines and come up with innovative ideas.
  3. The fashion business is shifting away from hiring employees with fixed job descriptions and toward hiring individuals with a wide range of talents who can handle several activities. The positions are more exciting than before since these tasks are far more creative and varied than they used to be.

Just like fashion trends, the fashion industry is dynamic and constantly changing. So, you never know what might happen next!

What are the challenges of working for a top fashion brand?

The fashion industry requires more than just brilliant designs to achieve operational excellence.

Businesses in the fashion industry must always strive for innovation, outperform their clients' expectations, and supply a seamless experience from beginning to end.

Working for prestigious brands can occasionally be stressful, which causes constant burnout.

Additionally, the need to consistently produce something original and out of the ordinary ideas come with working as a fashion designer or in any other creative role for a leading fashion business.

Sometimes the criticism of your work, dealing with last-minute client deadlines, and having extensive work hours may seem like a lot.

But the constant hustle will always bear fruit. The skills gained during your education in a fashion management programme and your passion for your job will help you to grow as a fashion expert!

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