If you’re a budding fashion photographer, you won’t want to miss our latest post packed full of tips and tricks.

The concept

It’s important to have an image in mind of what exactly you’re looking for before the shoot. Yes, you may get inspirational ideas as you’re conducting the shoot and that’s also important, but don’t forget to also visualise what you need on the day, so you’re prepared.

Where to shoot

It’s best to shoot in a studio as this the easiest way to manipulate lighting and other conditions. However, your location may change depending on the theme of your shoot. For example, if you are photographing for a punk rock clothing collection, you may choose a more urban setting near buildings.

However, if you’re photographing luxury clothes, you could go to a countryside manor or somewhere similar.

Equipment and team

Select which camera you’d like to use for the right effects and you may need to switch between different cameras.

Rather than going it alone, get a team to help you. It’s likely you’ll need hair stylists and make-up artists. The more, the merrier!

Try something new

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or try something different; this is the only way to learn and improve after all. Many fashion photographers admit to bring nervous wrecks on their first shoot and making many mistakes.

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