This post will introduce you to courses that you may never have come across before. Widen your horizons and get inspired!

Pattern Cutting

Pattern cutting courses, also known as garment construction, give you the chance to be creative with designs and improve your technical knowledge.

There are basic as well as advanced courses to meet all levels of experience, and most places that run this course will have cutting studios with mannequins and machinery for you to experiment with.

For those who want to make a career out of designing, you will also gain an excellent portfolio which will help with future career plans.


This course is ideal for those looking to study further at university or launch a career. Photography courses cover an array of disciplines and styles, like photojournalism, fashion photography, or portraits: you’ll be independent and in charge of your learning.

Fashion across the board will be covered, from haute couture photography to street wear, as fashion photography is a highly esteemed art. These courses are practical as well as theoretical, allowing you to study the context of your creations.

You will also create a portfolio which will assist you in your next steps to land a position such as a researcher, picture editor, or even professional photographer.

With this course, you can learn to manage photo shoots and art exhibitions, upgrade your technical skills, and effectively practice trial and error.

Fashion Styling and Photography

Many styling courses are designed to allow you to experience the daily life of styling professionals. You’ll learn to plan, organise shoots, and uncover the requirements of a complex brief.

Bring your ideas to life with editorial mood boards and discover how different elements of the fashion industry all work together to create a successful shoot. You’ll also get the chance to liaise with PR agencies, designers, and hair and make-up teams.  

Stylists are usually their own bosses, so most courses will also teach you how to market yourself successfully and create a platform for your work.

Fashion Retail and Luxury Management

If you’re more interested in the business side of the fashion industry, a course that looks at retail and management will give you a good overview of what you’ll need to know to become a success.

Learning about marketing and brand management will hone your skills in key areas, as well as giving you specialist knowledge about topics such as trend prediction, sustainability, global markets, and management.

You’ll be able to prepare for a future in the fast-paced world of fashion leadership, whether it’s as a brand manager, buyer, merchandiser, or something else.

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