Visual content has an undeniable allure which explains why so many of us use the Instagram app. If you are a fan of fashion and textiles then looking at the creations of top designers can be both fun and inspiring. In a fast-paced and highly competitive industry like fashion, making use of social media can also help you to create brand visibility. 

While fashion textile courses can help you gain field-related expertise, a good Instagram strategy can help you drive traffic and attract followers to your brand. Being able to showcase the beauty of your designs through pictures is an art that few have mastered. There are Instagram users who have managed to captivate audiences, turn them into loyalists and drive sales for their brands. 

If you have excellent content and are keen on leveraging it through social media then you too can join the growing tribe of product owners on Instagram! To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of top Instagram accounts that fashion and textile fans love to look at. Read on to pick up popular tips and tricks that can help you market your brand the right way: 

Realisation Par (@realisationpar)

Instagram users would be familiar with the spew of leopard print skirts that dominated their feed in 2019 by Réalisation Par. The same account featured the flirty long-sleeved Alexandra dress which was worn by models, Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid. 

Termed the “Naomi”, these leopard print skirts sold like hotcakes online and became a fashion must-have. Led by the collective team of Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot, Réalisation curates pieces for individual attention which gives the owner their sense of personal style. The Instagram account for this Australian brand can certainly give you a lesson in textile fashion study. 

Design Sponge (@designsponge)

When studying BA fashion, there will be an emphasis on giving shape to excellent designs; if you are looking for ideas then check out Design Sponge, an account created by Grace Bonney. Her page is filled with aesthetic imagery which is an amalgamation of animal pictures, scenic beauty and everyday instances that would otherwise go unnoticed. Her presentation of interiors and lifestyle images have a scintillating appeal and has earned her a fan following of over 750k fans. Her Instagram account is a storehouse of ideas for design enthusiasts. 

  1. Conde Nasty (@conde.nasty)

Who doesn’t love vintage fashion? Conde Nasty feeds our insatiable appetite for retro clothing to the fullest. Considering fashion is constantly being revamped and re-packaged, you can take a lot of pointers from this account. Filled with nostalgic images of stars like Christy Turlington, Grace Jones, Priscilla Presley, Bianca Jagger and many more, this account is a throwback to the best of yesteryear fashion. Students of fashion and textile design courses can certainly pick up some stylish tips from Conde Nasty.

  1. Veja (@Veja)

Sustainable fashion is another trending topic on Instagram as it focuses on putting a fashionable yet environmentally conscious foot forward. Veja is one brand which is taking sustainable fashion to newer heights. The sneakers designed by them are trendy and have done the rounds of New York Fashion Week as well. The brand also deals in ecological bags and accessories and their footwear has been adorned by the Duchess of Sussex - Meghan Markle. Along with great designs, Veja’s emphasis has been on offering people value while also giving back to nature by excluding any chemical or polluting processes. 

  1. Freddie Made (@freddiemade)

Freddie Smithson is the man responsible for the creative collaboration between fashion and memes. With a degree in graphic communication, he is a pro at conceptualising and creating artistic and witty content. His account has managed to catch the eye of many including big names like Marc Jacobs and Farfetch. Those keen on studying HNC fashion and textiles can take a lot of inspiration from Freddie Made on how to make the best use of their creative skills. 

  1. Benjamin Seidler (@benjaminseidler)

The movie industry shares a strong connection with fashion and clothes, with items that are worn by actors often garnering a lot of attention. Designer and illustrator Benjamin Seidler has dedicated his entire account to assigning the best fashion apparels to famous movie characters. 

So don’t be beguiled if you see the twins from The Shining wearing his spring/summer 2019 collection or the famous Mean Girls sporting brand new looks. The account gives an insight into how to infuse fashion design learnings with imagination. 

  1. CW Pencil Enterprise (@cwpencilenterprise)

Design surrounds our everyday life and Caroline Weaver has managed to incorporate it into her retail stationery business as well. Her artistically designed displays will encourage you to find beauty in the simplest things. Every shot innovatively captures writing products offering a dose of graphic artistry. 

Those who study design must surely take a look at this account as it promises new inspiration with every picture. 

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This article is written by Nandita Kaushal and edited by Emma Chadwick.