After studying a Foundation Degree in Art and Design, you may find yourself wanting to continue your studies in order to secure a more satisfying and prosperous career in the long run. An FD in Art and Design can also open many doors to different artistic careers, whether it’s painting, pottery or pattern cutting that you’re interested in.

Here are just some of the subjects you can consider studying at a higher level, once you’ve completed your qualification.

Fine art

Incorporating elements such as sculpture, painting, sketching and mosaic, studying fine art will really open your eyes to aesthetics and the intellectual and historical contexts which lie beneath a piece of art, whatever form it may take. Studying fine art can lead you down many different paths when it comes to higher education and career options, making it a fantastic study option if you’re unsure of which type of art you wish to specialise in.

Fashion design

If fashion is your foible, then perhaps it’s time you thought about turning into your career! You may not have considered it, but there’s no reason why studying an FD in Art and Design cannot act as your first step into the fashion industry. Studying fashion design will teach you everything you need to know to achieve success in the industry, and the FD in Art and Design provides the perfect stepping stone between secondary and higher education. Find out more about career options you can pursue after studying fashion.

Graphic design

Graphic design probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think of art; nevertheless, there is no denying its increasing importance in marketing, online retail, and many other aspects of business. Though a slightly more unconventional option, studying graphic design can lead to opportunities in a wide variety of sectors, from obvious choices such as media, through to the automotive and education industries. Studying graphic design will not only teach you technical skills, but will also help you grow your professional network, which will prove useful, especially if you ever turn to freelancing.

Interior design 

Interior design is another interesting career path to pursue if you are currently studying a Foundation Degree in Art and Design. Like graphic design, it’s not one of the more obvious choices, but rather a more contemporary option which is growing in popularity as time passes. Studying interior design at undergraduate level could lead to further exploration of the topic in the form of a postgraduate degree, or entry level roles in interior or product design, or even architecture. Read more on career options with an interior design degree in our previous blog post.