What if your business trip could also be your holiday?

Bleisure travel is a perfect blend of business and leisure that allows weary travellers to stay longer, explore more and experience things in an unusual way. As the name implies, “bleisure” combines business and leisure experiences into one unforgettable trip.

What makes this trend so exciting is its ability to combine two seemingly contradicting elements – work and play – into one seamless experience. On top of this, bleisure travel also has tangible benefits for companies who embrace this trend.

What is bleisure travel?

Bleisure travel is a growing trend in the hospitality industry that is fast becoming the norm for professionals, entrepreneurs, and business travellers alike.

It is the practice of combining business and leisure activities into one trip. This could mean extending a business trip to explore the city or taking a day or two off after a successful meeting to take in the sights. In essence, it allows you to make the most out of your travels by both working and playing.

Bleisure travel also offers unique networking opportunities by allowing workers to connect with like-minded people outside an office setting during their business travel.

It is no wonder why this concept is revolutionising the hospitality business. More frequent bleisure trips are becoming the norm as the demand continues to grow among travellers.

Why is bleisure travel popular?

What used to be a chore has now become a unique opportunity to explore a new place and even spend quality time with friends and family.

As a result, bleisure travel is revolutionising the travel and hospitality business by offering a range of experiences that appeal to several types of travellers. Business travellers can experience the local culture and attractions like fine dining and entertainment while bringing their families along for a weekend getaway.

Such travellers can enjoy work-related benefits like a corporate discount or an extra day off while attending conferences or meetings on the side.

The flexibility bleisure offers has made it one of the hottest trends in modern business travel, with many companies now encouraging their employees to take advantage by extending their stays.

So, if you are looking for an exciting way to mix work with pleasure, make sure to make your next business trip a bleisure trip!

What are the top 5 benefits of bleisure travel?

Here are the top 5 benefits of bleisure travel:

1.    Creates a better work-life balance

Bleisure travel encourages employees to support a healthier work-life balance by combining necessary business trips with leisure activities. This makes the whole experience of travelling for work much more fun and less overwhelming.

As a result, employees will feel less stressed and more productive both at home and in their workplace.

2.    Bleisure travel attracts the best talents

The promise of bleisure travel is a wonderful way for employers to attract potential job seekers. It is also a great chance for employees to have the unique experience of weighing up offers from multiple potential employers to make an informed decision about which company is best for them.

3.    Improves employee travel experience

With bleisure travel, companies can choose quality accommodations in desirable locations within close proximity to popular attractions and destinations, making it easier and more enjoyable for employees on business trips.

4.    Unique experiences

Bleisure travellers gain access to unique experiences that they would not have had if they had gone on vacation alone. This includes learning about local cultures as well as having access to exclusive events or activities that are typically not open to tourists.

5.    Creates job satisfaction

Employees who take part in bleisure travel often have higher levels of job satisfaction because their employer values their time off and provides them with opportunities to enjoy their free time while on business trips.

These benefits can help in increasing overall company efficiency and employee well-being resulting in better productivity.

Company best practices for bleisure travel

When it comes to bleisure travel, you need to make sure that you are taking the right steps to ensure success among your employees. Here’s a list of some of the best practices that you can use to make your bleisure travel efforts stand out from the rest:

1.    Have a work-centric infrastructure

The first step is making sure that your infrastructure is work-centric, meaning that it has all the necessities and amenities for business travellers. This includes conference rooms, internet access, and business centres.

By offering these services and facilities, you can create an atmosphere where bleisure travellers feel comfortable and supported during their stay.

2.    Create offers and packages

One way to encourage bleisure travellers to choose your hotel or resort is by creating exclusive offers and packages specifically designed for them. These offers could include discounts on accommodation or add-ons like spa treatments or restaurant vouchers. This way, visitors can get more out of their travels and save some money in the process.

3.    Incorporate a PMS (property management system)

Having a PMS in place is important as it allows you to effectively manage bookings, track customer service activities, optimise revenue management tasks, and analyse data all with ease.

With this system in place, you will be able to more accurately target and market bleisure travellers while ensuring they are getting the best service possible at your hotel or resort.

4.    Formulate a unique rewards program

A rewards programme can be just as important when it comes to attracting bleisure travellers. Guests will appreciate the extra incentive of being rewarded for their loyalty.

  1. Make use of social media

By using social media, you can learn more about your destination. Follow social media influencers and travel bloggers who post about the top attractions and activities in the area. Also, by posting about your experiences on social media, you can aid other bleisure travellers planning for the same location. You can also utilise social media to keep up with travel warnings and security issues.

How is bleisure travel revolutionising the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry has had to adapt quickly to the rise of bleisure travel. From spacious rooms and relaxing spas to special packages and added amenities tailored to business trips, hotels have had to think creatively to accommodate this growing trend.

Offering extended checkout times, free cancellation policies and early check-in options are just some of the ways hotels have been able to appeal to bleisure travellers who need that extra bit of time or want to make sure they are getting their money's worth. In addition, some hotels have begun to offer specialised packages designed specifically for bleisure travellers.

For hospitality businesses, bleisure travel is a fantastic opportunity to tap into a new and growing customer base, driven by the need for convenience and flexibility.

Bleisure travel is the wave of the future and it is here to stay. As the world continues to get more connected, bleisure travel is only going to increase, and the hospitality industry will be perfectly positioned to take advantage of it.

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