1. Make a Shortlist Before You Book Anything

The UK has a lot of universities and other higher education institutions, so it’s a good idea to do your research before you book some open days. Once you’ve decided what you want to study, look into the places that offer that course and, from there, you can make a shortlist of the ones that appeal to you the most.

There are several things you might want to consider before you add a college or uni to your shortlist; geographical location, facilities, cost of living and course fees are all things you should think about before taking the time to attend an open day.

If you’re looking at a larger institution with different faculties, look out for open days which are specific to your area of interest – there’s no point travelling to find out more about science, if it’s actually the arts you’re looking to study. 


2. Prepare Some Questions in Advance

An open day provides you with many opportunities to ask questions. If you don’t spend some time jotting down things you want to know before the open day, you’ll probably have questions popping into your head on your way home and you’ll be kicking yourself over the fact that you didn’t think of them earlier.

Not only does an open day give you the chance to ask subject leaders course-related questions, but it also gives you the chance to talk to student ambassadors and find out what student life is really like. The open day is your chance to find out everything you really want to know: does the library have good resources? Is the nightlife good? What’s the accommodation like? Are there any clubs for your specific interests? Current students are the perfect people to offer you information and advice on aspects of uni life which are really important to you – talking to them could really influence your final decision.


3. Tour The Campus – It Could Soon Be Your Home

If you’re searching for a campus uni, ensure that you make use of one of the campus tours. If your place of study is always going to be your home for the next few years, you need to make sure it’s somewhere you’d like to live. Does the campus have all the amenities you think you might need? If not, are they within walking distance or reachable via public transport?

If you plan to live at home while you study, or are considering institutions which don’t have a live-in campus, pay close attention to the facilities it has to offer. Does the college or university offer everything you need in terms of learning resources? Are there places for you to study between classes? Essentially, an open day can help you get a feel for the place you have visited and assist you in making a decision as to whether it’s the best place for you.

If you're interested in the arts, check out LCCA’s upcoming open day.