It all started when Endy made a New Year’s resolution to turn his hobby into his career: “I applied to LCCA in mid-December 2013 and by the end of January 2014 I was doing a HND in photography.”

Endy had no professional photography experience when he joined LCCA. “I was mostly photographing myself; I created my own sets of self-portraits,” Endy explained. “I spent hours on online photo editing. I loved and I love to create images.”

Endy was able to make great contacts while interning with several different industry professionals. The LCCA Careers Department helped Endy secure an internship with aerial photographer, Joseph Ford, where he worked on a project for Shell, the UK’s leading energy producer and supplier. 

Endy also did an internship with celebrity photographer, Leigh Keily, and an image that Endy co-produced was published on the cover of Attitude Magazine.

“Leigh is an absolutely amazing guy. I met so many industry professionals at the photo shoots in London and abroad. Every second week Leigh’s photographs are on magazine covers.”

Endy is currently taking the Nick Knight Mastered Course with British fashion photographer, Nick Knight. “Nick Knight is a living legend. I applied a day before the application deadline. I wrote my thoughts about photography and my life and send it to them along with some of my favourite photographic works. Two days after [I sent] my application, I was chosen to be one of the participants on the course,” Endy told us, delightedly.

Endy thoroughly enjoyed being a student and reflects on his experiences positively. “I managed to work, travel around the world, and have fun,” he said.

He reminisces a particular highlight of his time at LCCA, when one of his works was chosen to be published on the LCCA website - it was used as the opening image for the LCCA Summer Show exhibition page. “I was very excited and happy at that time,” Endy recalled with apparent happiness.

In his free time, Endy enjoys exploring London, which he calls his first home, “Living in London is a blast. I’ve made hundreds of new friends from all over the world. I got to know Maida Vale in West London, where I live, and I’m out most weekends with my camera, exploring all these hidden London treasures that I never knew existed. The nightlife is wild, but I’m always shocked by the figures on the receipts I find in my wallet the next morning.”

His advice to future LCCA students is: “Don’t accept failure, everyone fails at something. Be confident and be yourself.”

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