The term ‘digital storytelling’ has become a buzzword of sorts within the international design community in recent years. Any good graphic designer worth their weight would tell you all about the importance of visual storytelling in graphic designs.

The next obvious question would be—what is digital storytelling and why is the global graphic design industry swearing by it? Let’s find out!

What is digital storytelling?

At its heart, digital storytelling means conveying a compelling narrative or story using different visual and digital elements like audio and video clips or graphics. Digital or graphic storytelling can be an effective way to communicate  subtle messages and contextual information to a target audience.

What are the primary elements of digital storytelling?

Digital storytelling uses different visual and media elements to build a connection with the audience and inform them about a specific message or story. Here are the most common elements of any successful digital storytelling technique.

  1. Point of view
  2. Emotional content
  3. Bold or specific colours
  4. Content economy
  5. The pacing of the story
  6. Tone of voice
  7. A dramatic question or conflict

What are the benefits of incorporating storytelling in your designs?

At the end of the day, most successful graphic designers are master storytellers who weave a compelling narrative with stunning visuals or graphics. Here are some of the most obvious benefits of having a storytelling component in your designs.

  1. It allows you to establish a human connection with your audience
  2. An effective digital story in your design can bring about actionable change
  3. Digital storytelling through graphic designs can be an effective marketing tool
  4. Digital storytelling can create better user experiences

How can you enhance your digital storytelling skills?

Graphics are much more effective in evoking emotions in people than text. This is a primary reason why graphic designing is an indispensable component of digital storytelling.

If you are an aspiring graphic designer, you will need to understand the power of good designs and graphics for establishing an emotional connection with your audience. Here are some ways in which you can work on your digital storytelling skills as a graphic designer.

  1. Include animations to bring an interactive component to your designs
  2. Have a beginning, an interesting conflict and its apt resolution for every story
  3. Have a lot of human elements in your designs
  4. Engage with the audience rather than preaching to them
  5. Don’t lose sight of your core message 

What kind of tools can you use for digital storytelling?

Digital stories can come in all shapes and sizes and there can be multiple ways to weave them together. Your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking can take your visual stories to greater heights and make them relatable and memorable.

Thankfully, you have a wide array of online tools and resources that can help you build a compelling visual story. Here are some of the most popular digital storytelling tools available in 2022.

  1. Photoshop
  2. Adobe Illustrator
  3. InDesign
  4. Premiere Pro
  5. After Effects

There are many more online tools that can help you become a master storyteller through your designs. You should do your homework and experiment with the available tools in the market to find out the ones that work for you.

Enrolling in a comprehensive graphic design course can introduce you to different digital storytelling tools and concepts. You can also learn about the latest design trends in the industry which can keep your creative skills market-relevant.

The London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) offers a great BA (Hons) Graphic Design programme that provides an in-depth look into visual storytelling. The course helps you learn how to integrate your creative ideas into a compelling visual story.

You will also acquire skills that would help you perform well in visual communication jobs like marketing illustrator, props director, or graphic designer.

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Frequently asked questions

Question 1: What are some good examples of visual storytelling?

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate digital storytelling elements in your designs. A few good examples include a photo presentation with captions, infographics, and content-relevant colours.

Question 2: Can I learn about storytelling through the graphic design course at LCCA?

Yes! The graphic design degree at LCCA teaches you different elements of visual communication, including digital storytelling for online and offline media. This can help you understand the importance of storytelling in visual communication and the design industry.

Question 3: What kind of career prospects can I get by learning about digital storytelling?

Being proficient in digital storytelling and graphic designing can allow you to succeed in many well-paid positions within the design industry. A few interesting roles include art directors, picture editors, digital media developers, and UI designers.