This post will teach you more about graphic design. Whether you’re interested in the history or considering this field for a career, enjoy the read!

Graphic design, also known as communication design, is a field that moves rapidly. Graphic design is implemented to sell an idea or a product; the designs are supposed to send a message or signal to consumers.

Graphic design is everywhere you look, and it was in the 70’s that major organisations realised the importance of a strong corporate identity. Famous examples of designs include the London Underground logo, which is considered a modern masterpiece.

The road signs you see are also examples of graphic design, as are diagrams in textbooks. Graphic design work can range from the large, such as a billboard, to the small such as a simple postage stamp.

Today, this field involves digital software. This is popular with many designers as it is thought to enhance the creative process, as there is greater choice with online tools. New software is introduced all the time, so the designer with the widest of skill-sets will gain the most business. Due to the flexibility of technology, designers have the ability to work from anywhere.

Famed designers

Paul Rand is one of the most famous examples of a modern-era designer. Famous for his corporate logos, Rand designed for IBM, ABC, Steve Jobs’ company NeXT and Yale University Press.

Milton Glaser is another well-known figure in the design world. Glaser designed the iconic ‘I heart New York’ t-shirt print and the psychedelic poster of Bob Dylan.

Modern graphic design

Modern design involves spending time with clients to meet their needs and receiving briefs. Much research is required from the designer as copyright can be an issue. Excellent communication skills must be displayed, and it goes without saying that innovation, creativity and talent are required.

Designers are artists and must find inspiration from all around them, so it’s useful that due to the flexibility of technology, designers have the ability to work from anywhere.

Graphic design is required in a variety of industries from publishing, advertising, animation, branding, web design, film, and more. It is a popular field to enter and offers many employment opportunities.

To gain qualifications, university courses are available. A design degree will teach you typography, photography, book designs, animation, branding, web design, and more. Field trips are popular on courses where you can visit studios, museums and galleries.  

If you’d like more information on the life of a designer, check out this page for career information. If you’d like to gain some qualifications, LCCA offers a BA Graphic Design and Visual Communication degree.