The graphic design industry is perhaps one of the most dynamic domains in the world. Each year brings new graphic design trends that dominate the field and find their way into different promotional campaigns and brand logos.

Any successful graphic designer will need to stay up to date with these trends and ensure they find a unique identity within their work. Keeping ahead of curve is a great way to keep your career in tune with the changing times, regardless of your chosen domain.

Let’s take a peek into some of the most anticipated graphic design trends set to dominate the industry in 2022. The blog will also explain the benefits of pursuing graphic design courses and how they can help you stay updated with the latest design trends.

An overview of graphic design trends over the years:

The design world tends to mirror the major pop-culture trends and social changes that are going on at that time. While the eighties saw the emergence of block prints using neon colours, pastel colours were more popular in the nineties.

The last few years have witnessed an increasing trend of creative crossovers from the graphic design, fashion trends, and media influences. Some of the most successful examples of design crossovers include the launch of Pizza Hut’s ‘taste-wear’ and Apple’s collaboration with Beats by Dre.

What kind of graphic design trends can you expect to see in 2022?

You can expect 2022 to be an exciting year for the graphic design industry. With brands recovering from the pandemic, there will likely be more investment into creating new design innovations and trends.

You can expect to see the following graphic design trends in 2022.

  1. A shift towards minimalism: The concept of minimalism has been totally transformed in the past few years from the use of black and white to a much wider colour palette. In the coming year, you can expect more brands to use minimalist designs in their marketing campaigns or creatives.
  2. A focus towards inclusivity in designs: Anything relevant topics that are getting hype at that time, including major socio-political events, are likely to influence the graphic design industry at that time. The recent Black Lives Matter movement has sparked the interest of graphic designers across the world who are making their designs more inclusive. This focus on inclusivity is likely to continue in the upcoming year.
  3. Geometric shapes: Geometric shapes are easy to play around with to create unusual details. Many popular companies like Venngage and Zendesk use complex geometric shapes in their creatives. 2021 saw a lot of graphic designers use this element in their work, and we expect them to continue in 2022.
  4. Monochrome effects: Monochrome designs have never really gone out of fashion since the 1960s and are still preferred by many designers to create a powerful impact. Designers use monochrome filters to achieve an unusual effect in many of their designs.
  5. Increased usage of Serif fonts: In the last year, many designers have opted to use Serif fonts to invoke feelings of nostalgia and stability in a turbulent world. The simplicity of the fonts can exude a certain elegance in the designs. This design trend is likely to continue in 2022.

Other notable trends that you might see are a continued emphasis on psychedelic designs, text-heavy videos, and a growing preference for muted colours.

How can you keep up with the latest graphic design trends?

The only thing constant about graphic design trends is the fact that they keep changing with time.

Therefore, you need to be constantly researching the current and upcoming design trends as a graphic designer if you hope to stay relevant in the industry.

While gaining all this expertise on your own is technically possible, it can take a lot of time and effort, which you might not be able to spare. The best way to explore the latest graphic design trends is to pursue a comprehensive graphic designing programme.

The BA (Hons) Graphic design course offered by the London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) is the ideal programme to launch you into the world of design. The programme curriculum can help you understand different aspects of graphic art like typography, colours, and shading, and how you can manipulate them to create stunning visuals.

The programme is awarded by the prestigious University for the Creative Arts and will provide you with all the skills and expertise needed to become a successful graphic designer.

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Frequently asked questions

Question 1: Will a graphic design career path be relevant in the future?

Yes! According to a study by, the expected job growth of the global design industry is as much as 5% annually.

Question 2: What is the career scope of graphic design courses in the UK?

As a graphic designer in the UK, you can choose from a wide range of career paths in the design industry. Some of the popular roles include picture editors, app developers, infographic designers, and art directors.

Question 3: What kind of salary can a graphic designer earn in the UK in 2022?

A graphic design career can allow you to earn a decent salary, especially in a major city like London. According to data, an average graphic designer in can earn around £31,867 every year.

Question 4: What kind of subjects will I study in a graphic design programme?

As a graphic design student at LCCA, you can expect to learn a lot about the different elements of designing. Some of the course modules include Introduction to Visual Communication, Visual Theory, and Design Fundamentals.