Art is subjective and has evolved over time. From cave paintings in the prehistoric ages, vivid paintings on the ceilings of churches and chapels, to digital comics in the modern-day, art can take many different forms and shapes.

Therefore, you should be open to exploring different art forms to expand your knowledge of the industry and get inspired. While there is so much art to explore across the world, a safe bet is to start with historical cities, like London, which have had a huge impact on the art world for hundreds of years.

Let’s dive deep into the list of must-visit places to see illustrations in London that can inspire your own artwork.

What can travelling give you as an artist?

Artists are often inspired by their environments and the people around them. Therefore, immersing yourself in interesting environments to stimulate your creativity and gain innovative design ideas is as important as enrolling in an illustration or graphic design course.

Here are a few advantages of travelling to interesting locations as an artist:

  1. A lot of inspiration and perspective
  2. New design ideas
  3. A chance to interact and communicate with fellow artists
  4. A chance to see different and unique art forms

Top must-see places in London for artists and illustrators

London is a haven for artists and illustrators and offers an eclectic mix of inspiring street art, iconic structures and cutting-edge architecture. You can find your inspiration from a lot of places, from renowned museums, thriving art markets or even hidden art cafes.

Here are a few must-visit places in the city if you are an aspiring artist or illustrator.

  1. Design Museum, Tower Bridge: The Design Museum is considered one of the leading museums across the globe, giving a glimpse into contemporary design and architecture. If you are into modern art and designs, you have an arsenal of exhibits and designs at the museum to seek inspiration.
  2. DIY Art Market, Hackney: If you are trying to make it as an independent artist, the DIY Art Market in Hackney is where you should set up shop. The market is one of the largest flea markets in London, featuring a lot of originality and eclectic designs. It is also a great place to pick up inspiration and art, such as prints, ceramics, photographs and handicrafts.
  3. London Transport Museum, Covent Garden: If old architecture and buildings make a frequent appearance in your artwork, you should head to the London Transport Museum for your daily dose of inspiration. Its vintage poster collection can be a great source of historic designs. You can also learn about the origins of the transport system in London and its development over the last 200 years.
  4. Roman Road Market, Bow: If your artwork is often designed by real-life characters and streets, you should check out the Roman Road Market in Bow. The market streets have an artistic flavour with their rough hand-drawn signs and a plethora of people from different backgrounds and nationalities.
  5. Tate Modern, South Bank: Tate Modern is the UK’s national gallery of modern art pieces sourced from different parts of the world. Here, you can soak in the creativity of international artists and take inspiration from their work. You can also check out the gift shop for their unique art merchandise.
  6. Broadway Bookshop, Broadway Market: Art books and magazines are often a treasure house of ideas and inspirations. Head out to the Broadway bookshop in the Broadway market to get your hands on their amazing collection of design, illustration and photography books. You can also come across interesting second-hand titles on typeface and design layouts.

Other interesting places include the Maltby street market in Bermondsey, the Pavilion in Victoria Park, the Material Lab, and the Saatchi Gallery.

Adding to these spots, you can also follow the traditional tourist route and visit iconic structures like Buckingham Palace and London Bridge to revel in their timeless designs. Visiting these places can be an art lesson in historic typefaces and classical architecture.

You can visit all these art spots if you visit the magnificent city of London. You can also consider enrolling in a design or illustration course in London from a reputable university to increase your prospects of a design career in the city.