Pattern cutting can be extremely rewarding. However, it’s important to be prepared. Read our post for a list of the all the items you’ll need and a description of what they are.

Pattern darts

Darts can be used to give shape to a design, for example on a woman’s dress. Darts make it easier to envision your designs and accentuate curves.

They are great for custom designs as they can meet your body’s specifications excactly.

Pattern cutting drill

This is a handy tool used to create tidy and accurate holes in your designs for darts and patterned paper. A drill is ideal for when a designer requires reference marks away from the edge of their designs in places such as pockets.

The drill makes it easier to see where you must cut your pattern.

All holes will end up becoming concealed when the final design is ready to be put together.


Parallel tracing wheel

This appliance is for marking lines on clothing and it leaves thin chalk-like lines which can be curved as well as straight with widths of 15, 25, and 40mm.

The wheel has sharp points known as teeth on the end which can be sharp or smooth. The wheel can also be used to make holes into your fabric if needed for darts.


Pattern master rulers

Pattern master rulers are curved rulers perfect for creating necklines, sleeves, hiplines, and more. The rulers also have 45 degree and 90 degree angles as well as pivot holes for you to create a full circle.

It’s an all-in-one design instrument which speeds up the pattern cutting process.


Pattern notcher

A pattern notcher will create a notches in your garment, which can then be used to align your design pieces to be sewed together. It’s also used to mark seams, pleats, and darts.

It’s worth investing in one of these as they provide accuracy through the consistent depths of notches at a consistent angle.


Handy awl

Awls are useful for pivoting patterns and moving darts around your fabric. They are also commonly used to create small holes in your pattern paper and tucking fabric.

The awl is useful as it can be used to pierce in difficult materials too such as leather.


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