Last month brought the bi-annual London Fashion Week, presenting the Autumn/Winter 2016 collections from high end designers and high street stores. LCCA fashion students were lucky enough to visit LFW and attend some of the exclusive catwalk shows. Read about some of their LFW experiences here.

Andreea Georgiana Radoi

Andreea studies fashion and textiles at LCCA, and is a huge fan of the Japanese designer, Yasuko Furuta, who is behind the fashion label Toga. “I love Toga!” Andreea told us.

Besides Toga, Andreea attended several other shows at this year’s AW16 LFW, including Phoebe English, The Ones to Watch, James Kelly, Fashion Scout, and Reid Peppard (RP/Encore). Andreea has previously assisted the stylist of James Kelly on an assignment for Garage Magazine.

Andreea was thrilled to be at the London Fashion Week. “It was important to me to be at the catwalk show of Toga,” she said.

Christelle Rogers

Fashion business student, Christelle, was involved in London Fashion Week as an assistant stylist, working with freelance Creative Director and London-based fashion stylist, Rhona Ezuma, on the Typical Freaks AW16 presentation at Fashion Scout.

The show got featured on the Financial Times and Christelle was casting the models with Rhona, as well as dressing them backstage. Typical Freaks is a London-based street wear brand.

Andreea Deaconu

Andreea was amazed by her experience at the catwalk show of Fashion Finest – one of Britain's top designers.

“[There were] so many great creative minds and very down-to-earth people. I enjoyed so much being surrounded by them and being part of the show. Standards were really high and I was very excited to give my best. Personally and professionally I love challenges. It makes me want to grow.”

Nicola Bacchilega

Nicola was really glad to be invited along as a sponsored designer for the AW16 London collection at the Oxford Fashion Studio. “The fashion show was amazing,” he said.

Oxford Fashion Studio took place during the London Fashion week, held at Devonshire Square. Sonya Nasir, an LCCA fashion alumnus, was the production manager for Nicola at this event.

Sonya was also the events manager at Oxford Fashion Studio for this season and will be working with them and helping them with their fashion productions in New York, London, Oxford and Paris.