If you are an aspiring stylist, designer or fashion enthusiast, we bet making it to London Fashion Week is on your bucket list. The bi-annual event draws the who’s who of the fashion world and is a make or break for aspiring creatives. 

For anyone interested in a career in fashion, this event is the perfect opportunity to network with important people from the industry and enhance your prospects. Let’s look at how a week spent at one of the biggest fashion events in London can help you become a successful fashion designer.

What does London Fashion Week entail?

London Fashion Week (LFW) is one of the largest fashion events in the UK and across Europe and is organised by the British Fashion Council. The event aims to promote the work of British designers and fashion houses and give the general public an insight into the fashion world.

London Fashion Week in 2022 is a way to showcase Britain’s influence in the fashion world and gives rise to prominent fashion trends each year. This once private event is now open to the general public.

What kind of events can you expect to attend during London Fashion Week?

The event has been held at some of London’s most iconic destinations, including Somerset House, Westminster Abbey, London City Hall and the Old Sessions House.

LFW can be one of the most exciting but hectic times for people involved in the fashion industry. It can give you an opportunity to discover new trends, check out work by famous designers and get a sneak peek into future fashion trends. 

There’s a lot to see at the show so here are some things that should be top of your list:

  1. Catwalk shows
  2. Talks and panels
  3. Meetup opportunities with famous designers
  4. Shopping from curated fashion collections and fashion brands

LFW also features an International Fashion Showcase event that includes 80 designers from 24 countries, showing off their interpretations of a specific theme.

Why should the London Fashion Week be on the top of the list of places to attend as a fashion design student?

London Fashion Week is considered one of the most prominent fashion events of the year, making it a huge career boost for any fashion design student who is able to get tickets. Attending the event or working as a volunteer is an opportunity of a lifetime and will prepare you for the realities of a fashion design job.

Getting a spot at the event will help you display your finest design skills or styling acumen, which can attract the attention of some potential employers.

The event also offers the chance to meet and connect with fashion journalists, photographers, stylists and PR professionals. If you consider yourself a socialite, you can even score passes to parties and after-parties!

How do you get the chance to work at the LFW?

Working at the LFW can give you an opportunity to transform your fashion career. Here are some ways to find a paying gig at the LFW:

  1. Approach influencers and offer to help them
  2. Reach out to PR agencies
  3. Seek out and enrol in good fashion design courses in London from an established design school
  4. Offer to assist small-time designers and fashion brands

How to make the most of your time at the London Fashion week

LFW is the time that you can see the city being transformed into one big runway. If you play your cards right, you can walk away with a lot at the end of the event. Here are some useful tips that can help you make the most of your time at the LFW.

  1. Attend shows and press events to meet and connect with who’s who of the fashion world
  2. Spend time around the LFW premises to meet photographers and bloggers
  3. Take a lot of photos and gather as many ideas as possible
  4. Dress well to stand apart from the crowd and make fashion professionals notice your style
  5. Use your Instagram account to your advantage and tag the relevant designers and celebrities
  6. Stay in touch with the connections you made at LFW

Enrolling in a quality fashion design programme from a reputed design school can be a great way to make connections in the fashion world. The London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) has a quality BA (Hons) Fashion programme will help you create your own fashion design identity.

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