The most famous example of fashion and tech merging is wearables. The Apple Watch and Google glass are famous for turning ordinary accessories into smart multi-use devices. The google glass includes a camera, access to Google maps, and email.

The Apple watch means you no longer have to keep your phone on you. You can make calls and reply to messages straight from your wrist.

There are also smart fabrics with internal heating systems to keep the wearer warm in winter weather. Wearing one is like hugging a hot water bottle according to users.

You can view the coats by Emel and Aris on their site.

3D printing

3D printing within fashion has many benefits. The apparel industry has always aimed to reduce the textiles waste it produces and 3D printing will achieve this.

3D printing is also popular with Chanel. Creative director Karl Lagerfeld in the past displayed 3D pieces on the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week. Small 3D printed designs were sewn onto waistcoats.

In 2015, Adidas came up with plans to 3D-print shoes; by the end of 2018, Adidas now hopes to have create 100,000 3D printed shoes.

The main reason behind 3D’s success is customisation. 3D printed clothes will be unlike current fast fashion – shops like Primark or Topshop where clothes reach millions of consumers.

3D customised clothes will mean every person has items unique to them based on a specific order they give.  This also means the days of returning an item due to incorrect fitting will be long gone.

Smart mirrors

The latest technology has created smart mirrors which recommend clothing to you based on your preferences. They also play the role of a fashion stylist, advising you which in-store products would enhance what you’re already wearing.

In their Berlin store, Superdry has installed a mirror which allows customers to see what an outfit would look like on their body – without actually having to get changed.


Have you ever found yourself on the train or walking down the street and noticed somebody’s really cool shoes or awesome skirt? Well, with a new app, you’ll be able to snap an image of the outfit you like worn by someone else and find out exactly where it’s from.

If you’d like to download one of these apps, there are two options: Inspo app and ASAP54.

Social media

American designer Zac Posen worked with an IBM supercomputer to design a dress that lights up and changes its colour based on what’s trending on social media at the time.


The future of fashion is clearly set for some revolutionary times ahead. LCCA looks forward to the results and implementing them in our courses. If you’d like more insight into the world of fashion, make sure you regularly visit the LCCA blog.