As easy as it sounds, some people find Clearing to be hectic and stressful if they are uninformed and unprepared. It can seem more overwhelming if you are undecided about your university aspirations and course preferences.

It’s normal to have a lot of questions regarding Clearing and its different aspects like adjustment and Clearing Fast Track. We at the London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) are here to help you by providing all the relevant information about Clearing Fast Track and UCAS Adjustment in 2021.

Here are some frequently asked questions posed to us about Clearing and Adjustment in 2021. If you don’t find your question included below, you can reach out to us at +44 (0)20 3435 4642 to clarify your queries or discuss your options with our friendly student advisors.

1What does Fast Track to Clearing mean?

Clearing gives you an option to change your mind about a course or look for other options if your results haven’t gone as planned. However, Fast Track to Clearing can help you secure a place in September and skip the sometimes stressful phone lines on results day.

2. Who can apply for Fast Track to Clearing?

Fast-Track to Clearing can be a viable path under the following situations:

  • You are yet to apply for university. You can directly contact us on our Clearing hotline to discuss your options at LCCA.
  • You have changed your mind about your course preference or the city you want to study. Fast Track can help you secure a place in your preferred course before results day.
  • You haven’t received an offer from any university. Our clearing team can inform you about the courses available at LCCA and outline some tentative offers until your results come out. If your results don’t meet their requirements, Fast Track can help you apply for alternative courses.

3. What is the difference between Clearing and Adjustment?

If you get better results than you expected, UCAS Adjustment can allow you to apply to other universities without risking your existing offer. Adjustment is, however, valid for only those students who have an unconditional offer from a university but have exceeded the eligibility criteria.

4. How does the Adjustment process work?

If you have already applied for Clearing through UCAS, you can also register for Adjustment in the UCAS Track when you get your exam results. You can then search for appropriate courses and contact the universities to check if they can offer you a place.

Once you get a few offers, you can choose the best one for yourself and accept it in the UCAS Track. If you don’t get any offers, you won’t have to forfeit your original offer.  

5. When does Adjustment open in 2021?

UCAS Adjustment 2021 is currently open and closes on 18 August. You get 5 days to use Clearing Adjustment from when your firm choice university confirms your unconditional place.

6. How do I search for Clearing courses in 2021 through Adjustment?

To search for an Adjustment vacancy, you can directly contact the university you are interested in and enquire with them. If you are interested in LCCA courses, you can call our Clearing Hotline and ask for Adjustment vacancies.

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