If there’s a certain career path you’re hoping to follow, a HND can be a great first step into any industry. The qualification can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to gain an entry level position, or go on to study the subject on a deeper level.

At LCCA, you can choose from a variety of HND courses, from photography through to fashion. Here’s a bit about them.

Graphic design

The HND in Graphic Design can not only teach you technical skills, but can also help you to think more creatively. This course gives you the chance to get stuck in with practical workshops and make sure that you put everything you learn into practice. You’ll also find inspiration on the visits to galleries and museums, which can be a great help when it comes to developing your portfolio at the end of the year. This course can help you on the way to becoming a graphic designer, illustrator, animator or art director.


The HND in Photography will teach you all about capturing still images, whether it’s for fashion, magazine editorials, or another area you’re interested in. As well as exploring different modes of digital photography, you will also get the chance to go back to manual, using the darkroom to develop films and create prints of the photos you have captured. The skills you acquire can help you become a professional photographer in any branch of the discipline you choose.

Computer game animation

A HND in Computer Game Animation will help you get your head around all the software used to create video games, as well as the techniques involved in the design. You will learn how to create characters and work storylines into your creation. The skills you acquire will build your confidence and help you establish the next move to make in order to pursue a career in the sector.

Business management

The HND in Business Management will prepare you for entry level careers in many aspects of business, including human resources, marketing, administration and accounting. The course will provide you with all the basic level skills you need to start your own business or take a step towards management level in an existing one. This is a great course to take if would like to study business management at university but feel you would benefit from an introduction to the various arms of business.

Fashion and textiles

The HND in Fashion and Textiles is the ideal course to take regardless of which area of fashion you hope to pursue a career in. From design and merchandising to styling and advertising, the knowledge you will acquire on this course is essential to every area of fashion, and will provide you with the opportunity to discover which area you’d like to pursue further.

Hospitality management

The HND in Hospitality Management will teach you all there is to know about the hospitality and tourism industries. Covering finance and marketing, food and beverage operations, human resource management, and travel, tourism and tourist destinations, you can learn the practicalities that lie behind managing a hospitality business.