It’s surprising how much you can learn in a short space of time. Signing up for a short course is a fantastic way to learn a new skill and acquire more knowledge on a sector that you’re considering a career in.

For anyone seeking a high-flying career in fashion or a fashion related industry, summer is the perfect time to learn a new skill that will look impressive on your CV and help take your professional potential to the next level.

Here are three fashion skills you can learn by enrolling onto a short course this summer.


Fashion illustration

Illustration is one of the most important pre-creation stages in fashion design; illustrating designs is one of the best ways of visualising the end result. It’s also the best way of presenting your designs to other people who will be involved in the design process as it enables them to understand what you are trying to achieve.

Studying a fashion illustration short course will allow you to explore a variety of illustration techniques and discover the one that suits you best. You’ll be able to experiment with sketching, painting and computer aided design (CAD) and learn all about body proportions and silhouettes.

Fashion illustration is a great addition to your CV if you’re looking for a career in fashion design - the skills are almost essential. Taking a short course will help you cover the basics and make you more confident in your abilities.


Pattern cutting

Pattern cutting refers to the creation of templates which are then used to shape garments. A pattern cutter plays a vital role in transforming fashion designs into sample pieces. Essentially, a pattern cutter is the ‘middleman’ between the illustration and the creation phases of a garment.

A short course in pattern cutting will be insightful and practical, giving you the opportunity to get hands-on and put everything you’re taught into practice. You will learn about various cutting and draping techniques, building on your ability to turn designs into suitable templates.

If you’re interested in a career as a pattern cutter, a short course is a great first step towards learning everything you need to know. It can prepare you for a higher education course in a similar subject, or provide you with the skillset to secure an entry level role.


Fashion photography

Photography is a great creative skill to learn, and if you’re interested in the fashion industry but not so much the design process, fashion photography could be the ideal career move.

Flamboyant and fun, fashion photography has few boundaries, giving you the opportunity to explore any creative ideas you may have. Not only will a short course in fashion photography teach you the ins and outs of professional cameras, you will also learn about lighting, locations and production.

As with many creative careers, fashion photography is notoriously competitive. A short course will certainly set you along the right tracks, providing you with the chance to get started on a portfolio, which is an important tool for breaking into the industry.