Hospitality management is in growing demand within the global market and is therefore a great option for students to take up as a bachelor's degree. The industry’s contribution to the UK economy is estimated to be worth around £5 billion, making up to 1% of the total economy. Hotel careers and tourism jobs are generally passion driven, as well as being based on communication skills. Read on to learn more about this fascinating industry and the future opportunities associated with it.

The Hospitality Industry

The overall service sector branches into a variety of fields, which includes the hospitality industry. This ever-expanding industry works towards the goal of catering to their customers’ needs in a holistic manner. The different sub-sectors of this multi-billion-dollar industry include the following:

  • Lodging and accommodation This sector of the hospitality industry provide temporary accommodation in the form of lodges, suites, hotels and resorts. Lodging services include bed & breakfast enterprises and hotel accommodation. Here, customer service is dedicated to providing world-class amenities with integrated comfort.
  • Foodservice – The hospitality industry earns a substantial amount of revenue from the food and beverage business which provide meals to guests externally. This industry mostly works with restaurants, hotels and food catering services.
  • Tourism and travel The dominant players in the tourism and travel industry include trains, airlines and cruise ships. This sector is not just confined to travel for fun and leisure, it is also used for formal travel as well. There are many reasons for travel including education, business, entertainment and holidays. This industry requires innovation, strategy and novelty for its smooth functioning and expansion.
  • The entertainment industry Entertainment activities are essential for hospitality businesses to run successfully. Any experience with the added bonus of entertainment helps you enjoy your time to the fullest. Sports and games are two of the most popular forms of entertainment that guests will seek at their place of stay.
  • Timeshare This a booming sector within the hospitality industry, which allows you to hold the rights to use an individual’s property for a over a specific time period. The partial ownership trend is rapidly gaining the interest of travel enthusiasts. Travellers can even opt for a membership plan under the timeshare rule. The two signature places to choose from are:
    • Convention centres  to host seminars, conventions, expos and other similar events;
    • Resorts and villas to enjoy with your friends and family for some time of the year.

Popular careers in the hospitality industry

The following table will give you an overview of the best-known careers in the hospitality industry:

Job title


Annual salary*

Director of Housekeeping

  • Ensuring cleanliness alongside managing the team by resolving staff issues;
  • Managing the department’s budget.


Sales and Marketing Manager

  • To bring in new clients and partnerships;
  • Showcasing hotel amenities;
  • Hosting marketing events and trips.


Event Manager

  • Planning and overseeing the organisation’s events;
  • Working around a strict budget.


Head Chef

  • Deciding the menu and checking of the quality of food served;
  • Overseeing the entire operation of the kitchen.


Hotel Manager

  • Ensuring the entire operation of the hotel is running smoothly;
  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Hiring and training new members in a team;
  • Supervising the standard of the room;
  • Checking in and checking out guests


Resident DJ

  • Sharing your skills and passion for good music in a club, bar or hotel.


Front of House Manager

  • Overseeing operations of catering at the hotel restaurant and café;
  • Ensuring that clients are enjoying the best quality service


*Average salaries as advertised on

What is the future of hospitality management?

The hospital industry will begin to adopt developing technologies and enhanced management skills to assure its continuous growth. In the future:

  • As the competition among hotels increases, so will the service standards;
  • The industry will look significantly different as it adapts to technological advances;
  • With changes becoming constant, newer concepts will replace old management traditions, making the industry more fluid;
  • Sustainable hospitality will become increasingly popular as modern-day travellers who look for authentic experiences and are more eco-conscious than ever!

If you are passionate about customer service then hospitality management is the right course for you. This people-oriented industry is not showing any signs of declining anytime soon. The BA (Hons) Hospitality Management degree offered by the London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) provides students with research-based learning in the field of hospitality and tourism. So, Apply today if you wish to venture into the wide career spectrum of hospitality. 

This article was written by Deblina Dam and edited by Amelia Hayward-Cole.