If your dream job lies in the gaming industry, this post will be your one-stop shop for all the career advice you need.


It’s thought that the global gaming industry is enjoyed by a massive 2 billion plus people around the world and in 2017 was worth over $100 billion globally. As the sector gains popularity year-on-year, there’s never been a better time to join it.

Jobs in the sector

It’s believed that the UK alone has over 2,000 gaming companies with over 12,000 employees (2017). Whether these games are the traditional PC games or the latest IOS/Android hits, this is an unstoppable industry.  

Games designer – this is of course the most obvious one. If you’re an ace at developing gaming ideas as well as interesting storylines and characters, this could be for you. Average salary - £30,000.

Software developers – these employees work with designers to really bring the game to life and develop the tools needed so people can enjoy playing and have the best experience. Average salary - £44,000.

Audio engineer – if sound is more your thing, then you could be in charge of the sound that plays when users are enjoying a game as well as the voices of characters. Average salary - £30,000.


Depending on your role, of course the skills you’ll need can vary.

You’ll need an HND or a degree within the field. As it’s a competitive sector, a degree with work experience will be very helpful to you. In this area, your work experience is as valued as your qualifications.

You must understand software as well as be on the top of latest trends within the sector.

It goes without saying that you’ll need excellent IT skills as well as being armed with a reputation that oozes your creativity and problem solving skills.  

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