According to the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sports, the graphic design industry has grown by almost 17.8% in the last 5 years signifying that the future of graphic design is full of opportunities.

Digital marketing is fast becoming the preferred marketing approach which in turn, has increased the need for graphic designers. Designers are used throughout the industry to create anything from graphic creatives in ad-films through to posters and brochures.

If you’re someone with an eye for design, a career in graphic design could be an exciting option for you. Find out how to start a career in graphic design by reading our blog article.

What does a career in graphic design entail?

Graphic design involves creating visual material which conveys a brand’s message or an idea. As a graphic designer, you will be responsible for employing techniques such as visual hierarchy and typography to ensure that the message being delivered has no ambiguity. Additionally, you will be responsible for exploring how bold colours, calligraphy, pictures, animation and other visual clues have an impact on your audience’s reaction.

How could a career in graphic design be advantageous for you?

A multitude of career opportunities

With increasing digitalisation, the career prospects in the graphic design market have rapidly increased. There are a wide variety of career opportunities in the market that can meet your professional interests and aspirations. After completing a course in graphic design, you could design an exhibition, create marketing materials or even run your own company.

Easy to learn the tricks of the trade

If you are creative and talented in various areas of design, the technical aspects of the profession are fairly easy to learn, irrespective of your previous educational qualifications. There are many courses that can help you develop your skills in a short space of time.

Attractive salary packages

With the expansion of the media industry, graphic design is finally receiving its fair share of the limelight. If you are talented, there are no shortage of well-paying creative jobs in the market. According to Payscale, the average graphic designer salary in the UK is around £ 22,568 per annum.

A career with variety

You’ll be encouraged to be creative and to come up with your own ideas. As a result, each day will be different and you’ll have to constantly develop unique content.

What are the career prospects of graphic designing courses?

There are many graphic design opportunities within the field —you can pick from many different options if you are hard-working, sincere and have a flair for designing and drawing. Graphic design career options include: web designer, graphic editor, video/film editor, product designer and brand identity designer.

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This article is written by Sweha Hazari and edited by Emma Chadwick.