Online education has taken off in a big way, and is giving students worldwide a chance to earn higher education degrees from wherever they are. Let’s take a look at some of the terminology you’ll encounter, questions you may ask, and what you can expect when you start exploring the possibilities of online learning.

Learning platforms

Online platforms, also commonly referred to as learning platforms, are the online space, or software used, through which education organisations deliver their tuition, classes, and lectures. Here, students are able to access features such as video lectures, VoiceThread technology (that allows you to record and upload audio and video presentations), downloadable course materials, and discussion forums and live chat to interact with students and tutors. Effective learning platforms are the foundation of engaging online education programmes.

S2S (student to student interaction)

With the mass communication channels at our disposal, online learning today doesn’t mean missing out on student interaction. Software is constantly evolving, offering inspired ways for students to interact with the course and each other. Modern online learning technologies give you the chance to collaborate on projects and give presentations to your classmates and tutors, and then listen to their feedback.  


In the age of soaring tuition fees, finding ways to cut the costs of study is usually a prospective student’s first port of call. For the most part, education providers are usually able to offer online degrees at a lower cost, for a variety of reasons. Online courses also help you save money on the costs of transport, resources such as textbooks, and accommodation costs. Pay-per-module options are often on offer, meaning you have more options for funding your degree, which brings us nicely to…


One of, if not the most prized benefit of online learning is flexibility. Self-paced learning means many students have more time to complete their degree, and can build their studies around their life commitments. The lectures take place when you want them to - just access your e-learning platform and study when and where it suits you best.

What I come away with…

A degree! All of LCCA’s online degrees are accredited by a recognised awarding body (the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO), which means they are held in the same high regard by employers as their on-campus versions. The academic standards for online degrees are as rigorous as they are on-campus, so you can be certain of getting a comprehensive higher education. You’ll also have a chance to attend graduation on campus if you can get there, and meet your fellow classmates and alumni.  


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