In celebration of International Mother’s Day, our students got involved in the creation of a video. The protagonists  of this video all share a similar lifestyle of being both a student and a mother. This campaign allowed the students to express their nationality and the love they feel  for their children.

The initial idea was to ask two questions: ‘What is a mother?’ and ‘What inspires you as a mum?’ The beginning of the video started with creativity, as we aimed to form a  cloud of powder  in front of our participating mothers thanks to  various powder paint colours. This  proved to be a difficult task, due to the weight of the powder, so we soon decided  to pop balloons filled with powder paint instead.  

 We loved hearing about the lives of our students outside of their study hours, as we understand how challenging a study/work life is. Pursuing a qualification while  taking care of your children is a very inspirational and motivating thing to do.

Filming this video was  a very messy and colourful task. Everyone managed to stay clean, except the staff members who  were popping the balloons. Overall, the filming was very successful and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for taking part in our International Mother’s Day Campaign.

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