Many students possess flair and talent for art and creativity, but often need help understanding which career direction to take their talent in. If you find yourself in this situation, foundation design courses can be hugely beneficial to progress towards a fine arts course.

Often regarded as the traditional route to enter this field, art and design courses are a great way to explore your creativity, and by going down this route, you can learn about the different aspects to this field and decide which area you’d like to explore further, depending on your interests. This blog will give you a clear understanding of art and design foundation courses and their relevance - read on to learn more.


What is a Foundation Art and Design course? 

Foundation courses in London are highly sought-after as students who are keen to study art at an undergraduate level tend to pursue an introductory course first. Foundation courses are designed to help students make the transition from secondary education to a suitable specialist art and design course. This one-year diploma has an expansive curriculum and covers a variety of areas.

Art and design courses act as a gateway into the creative world and prep students in the areas of paint, graphic illustrations, textiles, fashion, drawing and much more. This means one can hone their talent and also learn about a multitude of new aspects. For example, an individual who has a talent for drawing will be able to develop their skills further and use this new knowledge to improve their graphic illustrations or fashion sketches. Also, if you plan to become an architect, a foundation course is useful as it’s often accepted as a suitable qualification for further architectural study.


What will you learn on an art foundation degree?

Foundation courses are taught in an interactive manner and you can expect to learn via workshops, seminars and lectures. Being in a creative environment and interacting with other artists will also have a great impact on defining and shaping your creativity. You can also build valuable connections and may even choose to collaborate with a student colleague to produce some fantastic artwork.

Foundation courses offer modules in drawing, painting, mixed media and more to give you the practical expertise and research methods necessary. The artistic area you wish to specialise in, along with the others that you have developed a passion for through your course, will likely serve as the basis for your final project.

Students can also use a foundation course to prepare their portfolio based on the new skills they gain to impress potential employers. You’ll also develop a range of transferable skills like problem-solving, strategic thinking, interpersonal skills and effective communication as foundation courses also train you for employment.

Why should I take the art foundation course?

Many students with excellent creative abilities often face uncertainty and confusion when establishing which medium of art is best-suited to them. They may also be unaware of the different areas that art and design courses offer. Taking an art foundation degree can give you a greater insight into this field and help your career plans take direction.

in order to pursue an undergraduate art and design degree course, you will need specialist skills that are not part of secondary education. Foundation courses create a robust platform for students, so you don’t have to start at a basic level when taking a degree in your specialist area.  

Art courses in London are of immense value as most universities expect students to either have a foundation diploma or relevant schooling in this field. You don’t need to be highly-qualified to take up an art degree, however, you must ensure your portfolio impresses and you have the necessary UCAS tariff points - these are all important by-products of an art foundation degree. During the foundation course, you will be taught to prepare a strong portfolio which can be presented to the course selector, who will assess your work based on this.

If you’re keen to explore your options further, the Foundation in Design and Creative Business course by London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) can be a great step to realising your creative talent and building a long-term career. Enrol today to ensure you land your dream job!


This article was written by Nandita Kaushal and edited by Anisa C.