LCCA was honoured to welcome professional photographer, Nicola Favaron, who delivered a presentation discussing various aspects of a photography career.

Predominantly a creative photographer and lecturer, Nicola also runs a photography studio and shoots for several international magazines, including the Sunday Times Magazine and Rolling Stone Magazine.

Joining us at LCCA to deliver his guest lecture, Nicola talked about how he draws inspiration from everyday life.

“I try to do as many experiences as I can, to be constantly surprised and amused. I get the most out of a city like London, and try to travel a lot and confront as many different cultures and perspectives as I can.”

“On the practical side, I do a lot of research and I'm inspired by the work of several other photographers and artists.”

Some of Nicola’s clients include EasyJet, Adidas, Warner Music and Samsung. Students were keen to know about the highlights and challenges his photographer career has presented.

“Becoming a ‘situationist’ … developing the capacity to live in the now, adapting my skills to the constant changes of ongoing reality [have been] some of the highlights. The main challenge is always the next step.”

Asked about his favourite memory from his days as a student, Nicola explained: “I don't have a single experience to relate to. It's more a period in life overall. The sensation of freedom given by the act of exploring myself and my passions through photography; the sense of discovery; the amazing feeling of achievement when I started to make a proper living out of it, which was actually pretty soon indeed.”

Nicola took the time to offer some advice to those looking to secure their first job: “Do what you like and find the perfect market niche for your style. Brand yourself, embrace your fears and go for it. The worst case scenario is somebody not appreciating your creativity - you can handle it. We don't save lives or have big social responsibilities, we just take pictures.”

“Always be coherent and honest with yourself and your vision. Never stop growing, whichever phase of life [you’re in]. Think like a child and behave like a wise old man.”

Nicola was grateful for the opportunity to talk to LCCA students. When asked about his experience as a guest speaker at LCCA, he said:

“I really liked the students. I had the sense of different cultural, social and economic backgrounds bonded by a common creative goal. Energy was high in the room and the discussion after my lecture was probably more interesting than the lecture itself. Definitely an experience to repeat.”

We would like to thank Nicola for the insightful guest lecture he delivered. His expertise certainly inspired students and served as a great source of information.