LCCA fashion students were lucky enough to be granted access to the Paul Smith headquarters, last month. The fieldtrip proved extremely popular, with student from other faculties contacting programme leader, Claire Netter, to try and get their names on the list.

Matteo Atti, Marketing Manager for the renowned British fashion house, gave students a guided tour of the building before telling them a bit about the company. Here, some of the students share their experience.


Tali Galor

“Matteo showed us different departments at the headquarters from the marketing and design studios, to the brightly coloured meeting room and the press room which showcased the latest Paul Smith collection. The trip was exciting and educating at the same time, giving us valuable insight [into] the brand and the fashion industry.”


Magdalena Staszalek

“Matteo gave us tips and useful information about the industry and on how to start working in fashion marketing. We saw the whole office and got to know how particular departments work, as well as Paul's incredibly creative office space. It was a really good experience to see the heart of a well-established company that is very high in the industry.”


Armande Meyo

“You [could] actually project yourself into the working environment. It was good to speak [using] fashion and marketing terminology - terms that we have already discussed during our lectures - and to see and envision what the daily routine of a job in this working environment looked like.”


Orlane Lebas

“I really appreciate this trip because we received valuable advice from professionals who work in the fashion industry, giving us an insight into how a large global company works, and especially [enjoyed] discovering the world of Paul Smith.”