Being a part of the fashion industry is not limited to sketching gowns or walking down the catwalk. Those with great writing skills and an innate sense of fashion can make it big in this sector, as can someone who has marketing knowledge. In short, this trillion-dollar industry is filled with dynamic job posts tailored to your skillset.  

Fashion is among the most well-known and booming sectors across the world. It generates a revenue of £26 billion in the UK alone and is the largest creative industry in the country. The sector has an appeal like no other and also presents numerous opportunities. While being a designer is among the most prolific careers in this field, fashion business management offers a plethora of jobs that are well-paid and interesting. Read on to gain an understanding of these jobs in greater detail. 

How useful is a Fashion Management degree?

As fashion is such a versatile industry, you must take a programme that equips you for multiple job roles. A BA Fashion Management will give you useful skills suited to pursue different jobs within the sector, so, you can be in a position to start your own fashion line or even create an engaging marketing strategy to promote a fashion brand. 

The knowledge offered as part of a Fashion Business Management course is immense; It will help you to create an achievable goal and empower you with the knowledge to work towards it. The programme will also unleash your inner leadership qualities which are required to keep up in this high-powered industry. 

Most importantly, it promotes growth and helps you achieve a high level of success. According to Caroline Rush of the British Fashion Council, the UK fashion industry produces a total of £32 billion a year and growth in sales is estimated to reach £2.1 trillion by 2025. This means room for expansion is big and with the right qualification, your career trajectory can grow.

Jobs available with Fashion Management courses

If you are passionate about fashion and everything that goes into making this industry so lucrative, then a multitude of job roles await you. With a Fashion Management degree, you can experience amazing job opportunities, and we’ve outlined some below.  

Fashion journalist

Being on the cover of the leading fashion magazine, Vogue, is a dream come true for many, but putting the magazine together requires a lot of hard work. To make Vogue a success, a dedicated team of writers work on curating excellent content that shapes new trends and catches public attention. 

The digital age has also given rise to fashion bloggers and social media specialists which makes fashion journalism a more engaging and competitive job. Creating engaging content that appeals to people and influences consumer behavior is the main aim of these professionals and they do this using both words and images. Fashion journalists are generally hired by print or digital fashion magazines or media houses. Alternatively, you can choose to work as a freelancer. Those in this profession can earn an average salary of £32,253* annually.  

Fashion brand manager

Having a brand image is integral to the fashion industry and every fashion brand is required to create a niche for themselves. They must build an identity that does justice to their work and effectively communicate it to the audience. 

A fashion brand manager studies the company’s products and accordingly shapes the brand's personality. They are also responsible for generating brand value, promoting products and consolidating the reputation of the company. Hence, they play an important role in boosting sales and take home an approximate figure of £40,885* annually. 

Fashion consultant 

Fashion offers a lot of range and it can often be tricky for people to choose a style that suits them best. A fashion consultant makes use of their brilliant fashion sense to provide advice and suggestions to people on selecting products that truly complement them. This advice can range from dress patterns to colours or prints that suit a customer’s body type and fashion preferences. Fashion consultants help promote sales as they make the customer’s buying experience more engaging and useful. You can earn around £33,049* annually in this job.

Fashion marketing manager

Another influential job that you can get with a BA (Hons) Fashion Management and Marketing degree under your belt is that of a fashion marketing manager. Having a strong marketing strategy is necessary for all brands and fashion is no different. A fashion marketing manager creates advertising campaigns and comes up with new ways to market products. They also take care of matters concerning costs, product design and sales alongside managing a marketing team. Financial remuneration for this job is good with fashion marketing managers earning up to £45,041* annually.

If you are looking to gain deeper insight into the world of fashion, then check out the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered by the London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA). They are designed to give you complete knowledge of business management and marketing skills and their application in the field of fashion. 

*Salary information has been taken from PayScale