Last week, London College of Creative Arts hosted a virtual guest speaker event with Viola Murrone, a holistic and health life coach based in New York.

Viola has worked in the creative industries for over fifteen years in both Brazil and London, particularly in the worlds of art and fashion. She also has a long list of impressive achievements including setting up the after sales and training departments for Chanel in Brazil.

Viola spoke about the subject of ‘light’ in the context of art, design, fashion and holistic healing in a presentation titled: ‘Passing Subliminal Messages and Triggering Emotions: The use of light in art, fashion and holistic health’. Alongside discussing light, Viola also led a meditation exercise.

One student commented: “I found the whole experience very interesting and educational. It made me think about light from a different perspective. Learning the colour of every chakra and what it represents in the human body as well as how they are all connected was a topic that really caught my attention.”

Alyas Latif, BA Graphic Design Course Director and organiser of the event commented that he was “happy to say it was a successful event!”. Alyas was also extremely useful in getting the event set up and streamlining the content.